And Now, October

As we close in on the middle of the month, much has transpired in this 10th month of the year!  We saw our first frost which was quickly followed by the first freeze and snowfall of the season. Is fall really settling down or did it just get geared up? Here’s a nostalgic look into the waning season;


When wheat fields turn to burnished dun-

That special shade of brown

That makes you think of fresh baked buns-

Then fall is settling down.

When corn hangs heavy on its stalk,

When geese are on the wing,

When cabbage heads are center-split,

It’s time for harvesting.

When canning and preserving crops

Have almost been done

And carrots stored deep underground,

Then fall is soon to come.

When cider making is in vogue

And quilts are back in style,

When footballs spiral through the air,

Fall’s with us for a while.

A vibrant, restless air arrives

When leaves turn red and brown

And bonfires dot the countryside,

For fall is settling down.

                                Craig E. Sathoff


 If you missed out growing up in a small town or farm, there are plenty of celebrations of the season to experience in the city like, Fluffernutter Day, Dictionary Day, National Farmers Day and time to gear up for the Colorado State Spelling Bee, pat your Boss on the Back on the 16th, have a delicious toast dating back to the 12th century on the 20th with Brandied Fruit Day, or watch the swallows head south for the winter from San Juan Capistrano on the 23rd, sing Happy Birthday on the 27th to honor our 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt, and if you’re not into the spooky stuff on the 31st drive your old clunker to Chadron, Nebraska for the Ugly Pickup Parade and Contest. Can’t pin down a date on the calendar?

You have all month long to celebrate Family History Month or  find the local skating rink and don a pair of skates (no key needed!) for National Roller Skating month. For the history trivia buffs here are a few conversation starters –  Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin (1793), the first ticker tape parade was held for the dedication of the Statue of Liberty (1886) Mrs. W.H. Felton from Georgia, at the age of 87,  became the first female US Senator (1922).