April (Snow) Showers, Bring May Flowers

“Early gardens are planted on the pray-as-you-sow plan.”

~ Edythe Soper b. 1912  English naturalist

It is time to plan your To Do List for the month of April.  Consider planting cool season perennials and annuals that have been hardened-off so they are ready for the cool weather.  Resist planting tender plants too soon because of the erratic spring weather in Colorado.  Days of warm weather and moist soil encourage plants to grow, but sudden freezes may devastate any sprouts and tender leaves.  In turn, you may find yourself replanting.  Listed below are some of the garden tasks which can be done this month:

🌱 Weeds are beginning to sprout in lawns, garden plots, open soil areas-pull while soil is moist and plants are small.  Or spot apply Fertilome Weed-Out which is effective in cool temperatures.

🌱  Daisies, phlox and daylilies can be divided.

🌱  Cool season vegetable seeds: lettuce, leafy greens, spinach, radishes, carrots, beets, peas can be planted now through the end of the month.  Creek Side offers Rocky Mountain garden varieties from Botanical Interests seeds, our local seed company.

🌱  Plant Creek Side Grown Fresh transplants of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, kohlrabi & peas. Give protection in case of heavy wet snow. Use pots turned upside down, crates, plastic tubs, and boxes to cover tender plants as they provide temporary protection from the elements.  Remove when danger has passed.

🌱  Plant Creek Side Grown Fresh perennials and pansies that have already been hardened-off.  Choose from a big selection of early season bloomers like Iceland poppies, Columbine, Creeping Phlox, Basket of Gold Alyssum, Snow in Summer and Bleeding Hearts.  Fourteen colors and flower sizes of pansies available now.

🌱  Core aerate lawns, especially after a soaking rain.

🌱  Roses can be pruned the third week of April (no earlier!) Remove all dead wood to the ground level.  Remove any old, weak, and canes rubbing against one another.

🌱  Gradually remove mulch from strawberry beds.

🌱  Remove winter tree wrap from trunks of young deciduous trees.

🌱  Keep an eye on the weather for any freeze warnings and remove any heavy wet snow from branches.  For the overall health of small or newly installed plants, any broken stems/branches or leaves which were frozen and have fallen to the ground should be removed as soon as possible after a storm (this is also true for large shrubs and trees).  Damaged limbs from large trees and shrubs need to be removed safely – if possible, contact a professional arborist.