Cabin Fever Spring

Have you noticed how much longer the days are getting?  Finally, the sun is up early and setting later at a very rapid rate now.  It is hard to believe that in just 3 weeks we will reach the Spring Equinox – equal hours of day and night, with the days continuing to get longer from here on out until June.  Sure, feels good.

That springy feeling is in full force all around Creek Side.  The Indoor Living Gift and Home Décor shop is fully decorated and filled with unique selections that will help you share that springtime feeling in your own home.  Or in the home of a friend, neighbor or family member as a thoughtful gift.

Our Creek Side design specialists have created themed areas throughout the shop that pull together similar gifts, décor and furniture to help you envision a concept in your own home.  This spring we have several themed areas.

Farm house gifts and décor bring you back to a simple way of life.  Milk cans, colorful towels, farm décor all nestled together in a farm house cabinet from yester-year.

The fern oasis is just that, lots of green ferns, fern themed decor and plants hanging from the rafters and mantle.  Include a decorative bench, and gorgeous hurricane candles and you feel the outdoors, right inside.


Of course, the spring season would not be complete without hippity-hopping Easter gifts and décor, ready for you to show off at your Easter celebration.  Beautiful floral themed table and dishware, towels, napkins and candles from TAG will really set off your Easter brunch table.

The Creek Side boutique is quite unique in a garden center gift shop.  Featuring great seasonal attire, jewelry and décor from vendors that you made not of heard of but round out our gift shop perfectly.  Don’t be afraid to try on that cute T-shirt or spring dress.  We have a fitting room just for you.  Our lines of soaps, lotions, room sprays are fun to use at home or make great add-on gifts.

The gift shop is not the only springy area at Creek Side.  The longer days are showing a big difference in plant growth in the greenhouse as well.  With increased growth, good leaf color and a strong stems and leaves, the plants are telling us the same thing.  Love these longer days!

Which is perfect timing as we are now beginning to plant full time, every day of the week to get ready for the big spring season.  If you are ready to experience that early spring feeling, stop by Creek Side to take a little tour of the gift shop and greenhouses.  Sure feels good!