Enriching Your Life

It’s Fair Days and Nights

Who can forget their first visit to the fair — a magical land of sights and sounds and smells beyond the reach of teachers, bosses, worries, and chores? There is nothing quite like that strange, veritable city that rises anew year after year on the outskirts of town to fill youths with wide-eyed wonder and adults with vivid memories of their own childhoods. For many people and... Read More

Baked Zucchini Fries

Bet you may have a little extra zucchini around about now.  Check this out. Most of us know that fried foods contain more fat and calories than we should eat on a daily basis, but they taste so good. There is no need to avoid all fat to have a healthy diet. Adults and children need some fat for proper growth and development. The goal... Read More

It’s a Bug Eat Me and Plant World

It has been an exhausting summer of heat, low moisture and visits from every insect imaginable in our Zone 5 home landscape.  We pick, we prune, we squish and squash them, we spray and they keep coming.  They are oblivious to the fact that it is your garden and you planted it for your enjoyment.  You can incorporate a few of these “stinky” to insect... Read More


Campfire ˈkampˌfī(ə)r /  noun an open-air fire in a camp, used for cooking and as a focal point for social activity.. ‘Tis the season for camping, cookouts, backyard barbeques or just settling around a firepit with family and friends.  To make these times more memorable, take a daily routine like cooking in the kitchen and move it outdoors.  This will set the stage for some... Read More

The Quiet Times

“Those that can have patience can have what they will.”  Benjamin Franklin Summer is vacation time for many, whether you embark on a rambling road trip, reach your destination by airplane, or stretch out on the backyard hammock of a stay-cation, it’s time to slow down and soak in a little quiet-a peaceful surrender to a busy life. Life’s sweetest things are often quiet things:... Read More

Red Skelton Pledge of Allegiance

In 1969, Red Skelton gave his personal view of the Pledge of Allegiance. Red Skelton, one of America’s best loved Comedians and star of Motion Pictures, Radio and Television, was also a true Patriot. A man who loved his Country, its Flag and the Freedom America stood for. On January 14, 1969, Red touched the hearts of millions of Americans with his “Pledge Of Allegiance,”... Read More

Exercise Routine- The Gardening Way

For years, a common attitude toward gardening has been relegated to seasoned citizens poking plants in the ground, watering from a can, strolling happily, albeit slowly, around their flower gardens. The garden is a great place for a functional workout! There’s plenty of stretching, pushing, pulling, and lifting which utilizes several muscles groups at one time. According to the Centers for Disease Control, gardening is... Read More

Happy Mother’s Day

Growing Together Wrapped in a Mother’s Strong and Loving Arms “How will our children know who they are if they don’t know where they came from?”                                                                              ... Read More

More Birding News

Get Outdoors and Explore with the Audubon Society of Greater Denver Walk the Wetlands Sunday, May 1, 8am Walk along the South Platte River exploring ponds and habitats for resident and migrant birds.  This is a great opportunity to learn about the birds of the Denver area. Bring a scope if you have one; some loaner equipment may be available. Beginners welcome! Bird Banding Station... Read More

Let Us Go Back

Let us go back To the simpler and better things. Let us retrace our steps From our greed-born bickerings Back to the quietness Of plain, good friendliness. Let us go back To the old roads of beauty’s quest. Let us again find joy In the fields and the woods, possessed By the thrill of the spring, And of summer wandering. Let us go back To... Read More