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Hey Batter Batter – Swing!

What does the iconic sport of baseball and trees have in common?  Before the advent of aluminum, there was only one choice of material for a bat – the heartwood of the American White Ash tree (Fraxinus americana). The strength and springiness of the wood when crafted into a bat are the characteristics favored by many batters.  The manufacture of White Ash bats comprise nearly... Read More

Local Birding News

  Audubon Society of Greater Denver Spring Benefit 2016 Saturday, April 23rd – 6pm to 9pm  at the Inn at Hudson Gardens Join the Audubon Society of Greater Denver for a beautiful spring evening at Hudson Gardens.  The annual spring benefit is an opportunity to socialize with friends, meet new people, share birding adventures and bid on exciting auction items.  With the early migrants showing... Read More

Flora Folklore

Not to be confused with the name of a new Disney character, but a look into the unique and sometimes delightful tales of common flowers.  Ancient societies  used a ‘doctrine of signatures’ to help identify which wild plants and herbs were useful medicines.  Certain parts of the plant (flowers, petals, leaves, etc.) had shapes resembling a part of the human body which was interpreted as... Read More

Goodnight Kisses

With all the plans to spend a weekend of celebrating with loved ones, why not surprise them Easter morning with a Kiss! This delightful and tasty recipe will be gladly received; Ingredients: 2 egg whites Dash of salt ¾ cup sugar 1 – 6 ounce package of butterscotch, chocolate, or mint chocolate chips Directions: Preheat oven to 350° F. Beat egg whites and salt until... Read More

Feast or Famine – The Amazing Potato

Phytophthora infestans and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  This was not the cry of the Irish in 1845. The potato’s (genus: Solanum) history takes us from the mountains of Peru to the hills of Ireland, only one of the many migrations this lowly tuber has traveled. Initially, during the 1600s, the potato was enjoyed only by royalty and nobles.  That all changed as the Industrial Revolution... Read More

Outside to the Inside

While we wait for the beauty and bounty of the 2016 garden season outside, a fun blooming project can be brought inside.  If you have access to crabapple, lilac, honeysuckle, apple, plum, forsythia, dogwood, chokecherry or pussywillow then your garden can bloom inside!  This technique is called “forcing branches.”  Follow these 5 simple steps for a jump on spring: 1.        CUT – Select branches that have fat... Read More

Expect the Best!

Now you may be thinking this article has something to do with a certain football team and a hugely popular television event on February 7th, and you would be partially correct! It is about one’s perspective when faced with what could be defined as a monumental, life changing task. Expect the best, not the worst. The negativity of self-doubt and thinking the worst doesn’t allow for wholeheartedness. When you... Read More

Time in a Bottle

An old year has come gone and we look upon a new year and all the “white spaces-of time” in 2016 to be filled in the calendar. UrbanDictionary.com defines ‘Time in a Bottle,’ as the most valuable thing or something we can never have or even that moment you wish you could have back and live in forever. We might get sentimental and misty-eyed when we hear the lyrics;... Read More

Is the Holiday Break Over…Yet?

This could be the rally cry in your home, parents and kids alike! The anticipation and perspiration of Christmas Day has worn off and “the blahs” are settling in. It’s time to get creative. Here are a few low cost or no cost ideas to liven up the day: Celebrate non-traditional holidays. A fun resource is the free “Hoops and YoYo”download calendars on the Hallmark... Read More

All American Egg Nog

Eggnog, or egg nog is a chilled, sweetened dairy-based beverage traditionally made with milk and/or cream, sugar, whipped eggs (which gives it a frothy texture) and spirits such as brandy, rum or bourbon. The finished serving is often garnished with a sprinkling of ground cinnamon or nutmeg. Eggnog is often provided to guests in a large punch bowl, from which cups of eggnog are ladled. Eggnog is traditionally consumed throughout Canada and the United States from American... Read More