Your Community Greenhouse

Outdoor Critter Conservation Day

Everybody gardens for their own reasons.  Some of us just love to have plants and colorful flowers all around us to enjoy during the summer months.  Something pretty to look at that makes us feel good.  Some of us love to have beautiful flowers around the front of our home to show off a little for the neighbors.  Hey neighbors, take a look at what... Read More

Hot Summer Days!

Just what we have been looking forward to, the middle of summer!  Blue skies, warm temperatures, beautiful gardens, summer vacation and the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful Colorado outdoors.  It is what we look forward to all year.  So let’s enjoy it while we can! Mid-Summer Challenges Mid-summer does sometimes bring some challenges to our flowers and garden however.  We feel the same challenges here... Read More

More Grown Fresh Flowers

Our Creek Side Grown Fresh Summer loving, heat tolerant, bloom all summer annual flowers in big 6” pots are bursting with color and ready to fill that empty space on your patio.  These particular summer annuals have been chosen for this time of the year for a variety of reasons. Why Big Summer Color? Number one, they are bright and colorful.  Number two, they are... Read More

Fresh Flowers All Summer

Once summer starts, it is not the end of the season at Creek Side Gardens.  It just begins a new chapter.  Because you see, we are constantly planting and nurturing Grown Fresh flower crops all year long.  As the greenhouses begin to empty out after the busy spring season, we begin to fill them back up again so that you can be assured of finding... Read More

Spring is Here!

The cold and snow is past and springtime is upon us.  Creek Side Gardens, your community greenhouse, adding color to your life has what you need to fulfill your springtime passion.  Beautiful flowers, hanging baskets, container gardens, summer tropical patio plants for your front porch and patio.  Roses, perennials, vines, shrubs and trees for your landscape.  Herbs and vegetables to grow at home so that... Read More

Creek Side Super Bowl

Creek Side has made it through the playoffs and is now ready for the big event coming up next weekend.  Mother’s Day weekend is our Super Bowl, along with the complete month of May.  All of our planning, planting, spacing, pinching, watering and fertilizing centers on preparing our crops for the Big Day!  And now we are ready to go! We often discuss the weather... Read More

Spring Has Sprung!

At Creek Side Gardens, it’s beginning to look a lot like Springtime, everywhere you go!  All of the greenhouses are bursting at the seams with colorful annual flowering hanging baskets, container gardens, small pots of flowers and everything in between.  If you have the itch of spring fever and have never visited Creek Side at the peak of the spring season, now is the time... Read More

Spring Greenhouse Fun!

Have you ever been in the greenhouse with the snow coming down?  It is nice and toasty warm with the sights, smells and feel of spring all around.  Visit the Creek Side Spring Spectacular Open House Saturday April 16 and you will have an opportunity to find out how it feels for yourself.  All of our activities are planned for indoors and it is going... Read More

Spring Spectacular Open House

Join us Saturday April 16, 2016 for the Creek Side Gardens Spring Spectacular Open House. Come to see what is new and exciting for the spring flower season and let Creek Side Gardens add some color to your life.  Tour our greenhouses to see our beautiful container gardens and hanging baskets sporting new colors and flower varieties.  Our Indoor Living Home Decor & Gift Boutique is... Read More

Are You Ready?

After a couple of weeks of Mother Nature suppling additional moisture to the landscape, the temperatures are going to warm up nicely and we will be anxious to scratch that itch called Spring Fever!  No matter how warm the daytime temps get, no matter how nice if feels to be outside soaking up the glorious Colorado sunshine, don’t be fooled.  April is still the cool,... Read More