Deer Resistant Perennials and Shrubs

Creek Side is featuring a group of summer flowering perennials and shrubs that are deer resistant.  Of course we all know that there are no plants that are deer “proof”.  But our featured list would not only be a great start for consideration as additions to your garden or landscape. because they are deer resistant but also Drought Resistant!

  • Achillea – Yarrow
  • Agastache – Hyssop
  • Penstomon –  Beardtongue
  • Monarda – Beebalm
  • Geranium  – Cranesbill
  • Centranthus – Jupiters Beard
  • Scabiosa – Pincushion Flower
  • Nepeta – Catmint
  • Potentilla – Cinquefoil
  • Euonymous alatus – Burning Bush
  • Berberis – Barberry
  • Caryopteris – Blue Mist Spirea
  • Gro- Low Sumac
  • Apache Plume
  • Perovskia – Russian Sage
  • Lilac

Wander the Creek Side Perennial Path and Woodlands Walkway now to discover what mid-summer blooming perennials and shrubs might brighten your landscape!

3-in-1 Summer Combos

One of our most popular summer crops are the fun and festive 3-in-1 combo pots of pre-designed annuals.  3 different varieties of flowers are grown in a 6” pot for easy design and decoration.  Need a small pot decoration?  Use one pot.  Need a medium pot decoration?  Use 2 pots planted together.  Need a large pot decoration?  Use 3-4 pots planted together to create a big beautiful, color coordinated pot of flowers.  Many different combos to choose from, including many new combos for 2019!

Fun, fresh small 4.5″ pots of flowers are available for filling in those empty spots as well.  These plants are not the left-overs from the spring season but newly planted pots especially for mid-summer needs.  Did you know that Creek Side specializes in offering new and different types of flowers and accent plants for designing your own combination creations?  Check them out!

Keep an eye open for large 6″ pots of summer annual flowers that are especially heat tolerant.  Many new colors and varieties will be available this summer.  Plant a few of those together and you will have just created a new container garden.  The early varieties are coming into bloom now and will add long lasting color to your flower pots or landscape.  Plus we’ll let you know what is coming up in the next few weeks!