More Fresh Summer Flowers

Creek Side is currently featuring a group of summer flowering shrubs that are just beginning to bloom.  These shrubs are suitable for planting in your landscape right now to fill in a little summer color.

Or think outside the box, how about enjoying a blooming shrub on your patio this summer?  Care for it just like you would your mixed pots of summer flowering annuals.  Then plant into the landscape late summer after flowering.  Choose from Hydrangeas, Royal Gold Woadwaxen and Hardy Hibiscus.

Our Creek Side Grown Fresh Summer loving, heat tolerant, bloom all summer annual flowers in big 6” pots are bursting with color and ready to fill that empty space on your patio.  These summer annuals have been chosen for this time of the year for a variety of reasons.

Number one, they are bright and colorful.  Number two, they are heat tolerant.  They thrive in our Colorado summer weather and just get bigger and even more colorful as the season goes by.  Number three, they are grown in a little larger pot so that they will not dry out quite as quickly as the smaller pots.  Plus, Creek Side uses a special blend of ProMix potting soil that will hold even more water.  Regular watering is still required but all these factors help make them just a little easier to care for.

Because the pots are a little larger, they can be used in a small decorative container all by themselves as the perfect colorful accent on a table or shelf.  Or, just like the 6” 3-in-1 combo pots we discussed last week, plant 2 or more pots together in a large container for a big beautiful flower combination that will create “Instant Color” for your special event or just for fun.

The summer loving varieties include: salvia, zinnia, celosia, cosmos, penstemon for sun and begonia and coleus for shade.  These plants represent a wide variety of colors and growth habits.  And more varieties coming up.  Stop by to check them out!