Gardening Forever!

Spring is coming!  Its arrival gives us a sense of renewal- time to get outdoors.  All of us have an intuitive appreciation and enjoyment for the outdoors, even as we get older.  Baby Boomer gardeners represent a strong shopping segment for many independent retail garden centers.

Following are suggestions for helping baby boomers continue to garden as age makes it a little more challenging.

Provide accessible entrances and paths creating a barrier-free garden
  • Edging for ease of maintenance
  • Mulches to conserve water, discourage weeds and ease of access
  • Stepping stones and pathways to invite garden visits
Raised planting beds, growing containers and other structures that keep plants and soil at a comfortable working height
  • elevated planting beds to reduce bending and stooping
  • wheeled patio planters for ease of planter movement on patio
  • patio pots for gardening in small spaces
Automated irrigation
  • water wands for ease of irrigation application in containers
  • soaker hoses for ease of irrigation in raised beds
  • drip systems for ease of irrigation in landscape beds
  • self-watering planters to lessen irrigation applications
Specialized tools and equipment can take advantage of limited abilities
  • Garden kneelers to ease in bending and getting back up again
  • Garden stools to ease in bending
  • Garden carts to ease in moving garden supplies and debris
Plants are the easy part. Once the garden is adapted, grow what you want to grow.
  • Flower pots are easy to care for, adaptable to small spaces and provide enjoyment
  • Vegetables can easily be grown in container gardens or patio pots
  • Perennials are a little more challenging in containers but terrific in ground beds
  • Shrubs and trees are relatively easy to plant and once established require limited care

Some gardeners like to grow some of their own food – certainly one of the more tangible rewards.  Others simply want a pot or two of colorful flowers to enjoy.  There are so many simple ways to modify a landscape and equip the baby boomer gardener to garden forever.

Let’s face it; if we live long enough, traditional ground level gardening will be increasingly difficult – period.  To stop gardening because of age is the worst thing that can happen to a gardener.  With minor adaptations to the garden itself and a few carefully selected tools, anyone can stay involved in gardening and continue for a lifetime.