Hot Summer Days!

Just what we have been looking forward to, the middle of summer!  Blue skies, warm temperatures, beautiful gardens, summer vacation and the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful Colorado outdoors.  It is what we look forward to all year.  So let’s enjoy it while we can!

Mid-Summer Challenges

Mid-summer does sometimes bring some challenges to our flowers and garden however.  We feel the same challenges here at your community greenhouse, garden center and nursery as well.  Guess what happens when temps hit the 90’s?  There are going to be extra irrigation applications to be made, especially in the Courtyard where most of the big, beautiful blooming plants are.  Even though some of the greenhouse irrigation is supplied by drippers, most of our plants are still irrigated by hand with a hose.  Our hoses are over 100 feet long so that is a lot of pulling and dragging all day.  Plus in the heat of the day and then twice a day for some crops!  Believe me, we feel your pain.  Hot Weather Water Tips

Greenhouse Temperature Control

Most of our plants are started in the greenhouse.  The beauty of a greenhouse structure is that it provides a means for us to control the environment, including temperature year ‘round.  Of course the obvious difference is that we can heat the greenhouse in the winter months.  But did you know in the summertime we provide air conditioning for our plants in the greenhouse?  One complete end of the greenhouse is a giant swamp cooler and the big fans exhaust the hot air out and draw the cool air in through the swamp cooler.  Check out Houses 5 & 6 during your next visit to see how well it works in our dry Colorado climate.


Weeding is a constant battle for us just like you.  They really love to grow in the heat, especially if Mother Nature provides a little moisture via rain.  I think we are gaining on their control, how about you?  Let us know if you need suggestions for weed control strategy.

Perennials in Bloom

Our Perennial Pathway is a riot of colorful mid-season bloomers right now!  Coreopsis, Gaillardia, Shasta Daisy, Coneflower and many, many more looking especially fabulous.  Stop by to see for yourself and imagine how they would add a pop of color in your landscape for the middle of summer!  Look for those “green” spaces in your garden and landscape right now.  These are the locations for mid-season bloomers.

Perennial Planting

The Green Team is planting perennials for next season over the .  It really helps to get them started during our warm summer months, but it is a long time to take care of them until next year.  You never know what is going to happen so we stay on our toes all the time!  The big colorful summer annual pots are getting extra space around them so they will continue to get nice and big and full.  Mums are growing for the fall season and looking good.  We have a few new varieties for you to check out.