June Flower Fun

Now that everything is planted or in place, be sure and schedule your water and fertilizer routine.  Extra watering may be necessary as temperatures continue to rise through the summer.  Don’t get caught, increase your water applications a notch or two in anticipation of what your hanging baskets, container gardens and newly planted perennials, shrubs, trees and roses are going to need in the heat.  Keep up with fertilizer applications to double your flower power!

Creek Side plants and grows a big selection of beautiful Grown Fresh Container Gardens and Hanging Baskets especially for the month of June.  All sizes of Container Gardens and Hanging Baskets, from large to small are in full bloom for Color in Your Life!  Colorful annual flowers in pots and packs ready for your own design with sunny and shady selections available.

Mother Nature has thrown us some curve balls this year.  Don’t get discouraged this year, let’s be patient and allowed our landscape plants to grow after the cold or snow injury or setbacks.  They want to grow and will be as big and beautiful as they can be.  Stroll down the Creek Side Perennial Pathway to find the early summer bloomers taking shape right now.  Over 300 varieties to choose from!

It is not too late to plant trees and shrubs, if you water them adequately. The Creek Side selection of shrubs and trees of all sizes for your landscape planting is tremendous.  Lots of new growth with buds and flowers.  Use Root Stimulator and Nature’s Yield Compost at planting time.

  • Potentillas & Barberries – great choices for sunny locations
  • Spireas & Hydrangeas – great choices for partial sun/ partial shade locations
  • Burning Bush – big, bright red fall color
  • Lilacs – many colors available
  • Xeric selections – Leadplant, Western Sage, Rabbitbrush, Apache Plume, Fernbush and more!

Big, beautiful trees ready for planting right now. Get these trees established this year and they will really take off next year providing shade and beauty in your landscape.

  • Red maples – Autumn Blaze, Sun Valley, Red Sunset – 40-50’ shade trees with great fall color
  • Norway Maple – 40’ with red leaves
  • Flowering Plum – Newport, Thundercloud – 20-40’ tree spring flowers, no fruit, red leaves
  • Catalpa – 50’ Cigar tree with spring flowers
  • Redbud – 20’ pink spring flowers, red leaves
  • Ornamental Pear – 30’ white spring flowers, no fruit
  • Honeylocust – 50’ shade tree
  • Gingko – great Colorado tree
  • Ohio Buckeye – another great Colorado tree

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