June Flower Plans

Now is the time to make plans for keeping your flowers happy and beautiful all summer long:

  • Establish a daily watering routine.  Especially now that temperatures have gone up.  Early in the day is best, but early evening is fine as well.  Consider investing in a professional water wand or water nozzle.  It will help make this job a little easier.  We would be lost without them in the greenhouse.
  • Establish a regularschedule to fertilize your flowers throughout the summer to double your flower power.  Use Jack’s Petunia Feed throughout the summer or switch over to Jack’s Blossom Booster in mid-July.  One tablespoon every 2 weeks.  Mark it on your calendar and stay on schedule for the best results.
  • Keep an eye open for insect pests.  Aphids on branch tips.  Holes in the leaf are from slugs or loopers.  Check with our Green Team for a treatment recommendation.
  • Don’t be afraid to get out a sharp pair of garden shears and trim up the petunias, callies and verbena as necessary.
3-in-1 Combo Pots

One of our most popular summer crops are the fun and festive 3-in-1 combo pots of pre-designed annuals.  Also known as Confetti pots or Trixi pots or Kwik Kombos, 3 different varieties of flowers are grown in a 6” pot for easy design and decoration.  Need a small pot decoration?  Use one pot.  Need a medium pot decoration?  Use 2 pots planted together.  Need a large pot decoration?  Use 3-4 pots planted together to create a big beautiful, color coordinated pot of flowers.  Over 16 different combos to choose from.

Filler pots

Fun, fresh small pots of flowers are still available for filling in those empty spots as well.  These plants are not the left-overs from the spring season but newly planted pots especially for mid-summer needs.  Did you know that Creek Side specializes in offering new and different types of flowers and accent plants for designing your own combination creations?  Check them out!


June is Perennial Month so do not miss out on all the beautiful perennials blooming along the Perennial Pathway at Creek Side Gardens this weekend.  Now is a great opportunity to view all the early summer season bloomers to find exciting ideas for coloring up those green areas of your perennial garden this time of the year.  In another couple of weeks, the mid-season perennials like Shasta Daisy and Coneflower will be blooming.