Microgreens and Sprouts

Microgreens and sprouts are trending everywhere from cooking shows and magazines to fancy restaurants and food trucks. But here’s the secret—you can grow microgreens and sprouts right in your kitchen for pennies!

Microgreens are young, leafy vegetables or herbs that are harvested just above the soil line when the plant is 1–2 inches tall. Microgreens include the first pair of leaves, called cotyledons, and the just-developing true leaves. They are grown in soil media and are ready to harvest in about 7 to 14 days. Recent research has shown that the nutritional value of microgreens can be higher than mature plants, adding to their popularity with chefs and home gardeners.

Grow your microgreens and baby greens in our Kitchen Garden Kit. Kitchen Garden Kit has everything you need to grow delicious and nutritious microgreens and baby greens in a reusable growing system which includes: a clear plastic dome, a perforated growing tray, a solid drip tray and two sowings worth of specially formulated Wonder Soil Organic Seedling Mix (which is made from coco fiber, a sustainable alternative to peat), and a detailed instruction booklet with recipes.

Sprouts are young shoots from seeds, beans, legumes, and grasses that are not grown in soil media. The whole sprout can be eaten—seed, roots, and stem—and are ready to eat in about 3 to 5 days. Some of the most common sprouts are alfalfa, mung bean, radish, garbanzo, buckwheat, and fenugreek. They are nutritional powerhouses that contain a high concentrate of antioxidant nutrients.

Whether it’s -12°F or 100+°F outside, you can always count on sprouts to give you a bounty of healthful, fresh food all year long right from your kitchen counter! Growing your own indoor sprout “garden” assures that you will always have sprouts on hand at the peak of freshness with maximum nutrition.

Botanical Interests sprouting varieties are certified organic, untreated, and (like all our other seed varieties) tested at an independent laboratory to ensure that they have a high germination rate. Enjoy experimenting with the different flavors and textures.

Big selection available at Creek Side Gardens.  We’ll offer growing instructions and tips as well.