Mid-Season Perennials

July is a great month for mid-season perennial color.  Many plants are in flower now or getting ready to flower!  Identify a “Green” area in your garden now.  Keep your eyes open around your neighborhood landscape for what you like.

Currently blooming alongside the Creek Side Perennial Pathway:

  • Coreopsis – yellow, red and bicolor daisy-like flowers from short to tall in height
  • Coneflower – originally a pink prairie wildflower, now in a variety of colors
  • Shasta Daisy – the classic white daisy in a variety of height, now yellow as well
  • Bee Balm – tall or short, pink, red or lavender, great for butterflies
  • Daylily – hardy, short or tall, Stella d’Oro gold rebloomer
  • Russian Sage – heat tolerant, blue flowers in classic tall or new dwarf forms
  • Gaillardia – yellow, red and bicolor daisy like flowers, mounding habit
  • Hyssop – flowers perfect for hummingbirds, heat tolerant
  • Lavender – great fragrance in blue colors, heat and drought tolerant
  • Phlox – another garden classic, mid-height, pink, lavender and white, butterflies love
  • Veronica – blue, pink or white spikey flowers last a long time

Then come into the nursery to check out our nice assortment of Grown Fresh perennials and get planting!!  Talk to one of our Green Team garden experts to determine what plants will work best in your personal landscape!  Over 300 varieties chosen especially for Colorado gardeners Grown Fresh for you right here at Creek Side Gardens!

Big Summer Color Annuals

Big beautiful blooming plants in 6” diameter pots are loaded with fresh summer color to spruce up your porch, patio and garden.  Varieties selected are great warm temperature choices grown in a large pot size to hold moisture a little longer.

These plants are already BIG!.  Imagine assembling 2, 3 or 4 pots together using the thriller, filler, spiller design concept to create your own personalized combination of colors, texture and sizes.  Bring in an empty container and a Creek Side Green Team member will help you choose the plants that are just right for you, AND we will plant them into your empty container FREE OF CHARGE.  If you don’t have an empty container, purchase one from us.

The Big Summer Color 6” pots are priced at $9.95 each.  Consider planting 1-2 plants in a 10” pot, 2-3 plants per 12” pot, 3-4 plants per 14” pot and 4-5 plants per 16” pot.  Use your own container or purchase a new one.  Plastic container prices range from $5.95-17.95.

Many options available to choose from including salmon, yellow or scarlet Zinnia, purple Salvia, orange Cuphea cigar plant, Lantana in red or pink, blue and pink Angelonia, red and purple Pentas, pink Dianthus or red Peruvian lilies are perfect for the shade.  Come in to see gorgeous Dahlias, pink & white Pentas, the new selections for 2020.