Creek Side Super Bowl

Creek Side has made it through the playoffs and is now ready for the big event coming up next weekend.  Mother’s Day weekend is our Super Bowl, along with the complete month of May.  All of our planning, planting, spacing, pinching, watering and fertilizing centers on preparing our crops for the Big Day!  And now we are ready to go! We often discuss the weather... Read More

Vegetable Garden Planning 101

Interested in eating fresh, healthy foods?  Nothing can be more fresh and healthy than what you grow & harvest in your very own garden! Seasoned vegetable gardeners use a growing schedule based on their own experiences.  New vegetable gardeners scratch their heads and wonder where to start.  The following suggestions will help you sort the options as you develop a plan that’s just right for... Read More

More Birding News

Get Outdoors and Explore with the Audubon Society of Greater Denver Walk the Wetlands Sunday, May 1, 8am Walk along the South Platte River exploring ponds and habitats for resident and migrant birds.  This is a great opportunity to learn about the birds of the Denver area. Bring a scope if you have one; some loaner equipment may be available. Beginners welcome! Bird Banding Station... Read More

Spring Has Sprung!

At Creek Side Gardens, it’s beginning to look a lot like Springtime, everywhere you go!  All of the greenhouses are bursting at the seams with colorful annual flowering hanging baskets, container gardens, small pots of flowers and everything in between.  If you have the itch of spring fever and have never visited Creek Side at the peak of the spring season, now is the time... Read More


Biology and Chemistry are irrefutably linked together and we see this partnership every garden season.  Following is a good example of what is required to rid yourself of suckers…the plant variety!  This is Ethyl 1-naphthaleneacetate or NAA and more commonly marketed as Sucker Stopper©.  But before you reach for the chemistry solution, an understanding of the biological reason for a plant to sucker. A sucker,... Read More

Let Us Go Back

Let us go back To the simpler and better things. Let us retrace our steps From our greed-born bickerings Back to the quietness Of plain, good friendliness. Let us go back To the old roads of beauty’s quest. Let us again find joy In the fields and the woods, possessed By the thrill of the spring, And of summer wandering. Let us go back To... Read More

Spring Greenhouse Fun!

Have you ever been in the greenhouse with the snow coming down?  It is nice and toasty warm with the sights, smells and feel of spring all around.  Visit the Creek Side Spring Spectacular Open House Saturday April 16 and you will have an opportunity to find out how it feels for yourself.  All of our activities are planned for indoors and it is going... Read More

Perennial Planting Time!

April and May are terrific months for planting perennials!  The cool nights and bright days offer the newly transplanted plants a little time to relax, get situated in their new locale and begin growing new roots.  Incorporate organic matter like Creek Side’s Natures Yield compost to the soil at planting time to help create a superior rooting environment.  Keep watered thoroughly for the first few... Read More

Hey Batter Batter – Swing!

What does the iconic sport of baseball and trees have in common?  Before the advent of aluminum, there was only one choice of material for a bat – the heartwood of the American White Ash tree (Fraxinus americana). The strength and springiness of the wood when crafted into a bat are the characteristics favored by many batters.  The manufacture of White Ash bats comprise nearly... Read More

Spring Spectacular Open House

Join us Saturday April 16, 2016 for the Creek Side Gardens Spring Spectacular Open House. Come to see what is new and exciting for the spring flower season and let Creek Side Gardens add some color to your life.  Tour our greenhouses to see our beautiful container gardens and hanging baskets sporting new colors and flower varieties.  Our Indoor Living Home Decor & Gift Boutique is... Read More