Trees for all Seasons

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,  the second best time is now.” ~CHINESE PROVERB As the spring planting season is quickly approaching, one can not underestimate the value of including trees in the landscape.  Now is the time to consider new tree planting and pruning existing trees.  Nothing else you can plant will have the presence and character of a... Read More

Feast or Famine – The Amazing Potato

Phytophthora infestans and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  This was not the cry of the Irish in 1845. The potato’s (genus: Solanum) history takes us from the mountains of Peru to the hills of Ireland, only one of the many migrations this lowly tuber has traveled. Initially, during the 1600s, the potato was enjoyed only by royalty and nobles.  That all changed as the Industrial Revolution... Read More

Spring Fever!

Everybody has got Spring Fever going now in a big way!  The weather has been beautiful, maybe just a little too nice lately.  It makes our landscape plants a little crazy like they are not sure what to do.  So we’ll watch what happens closely and take it one step at a time.  All of us get a little like that too don’t we? The... Read More

Outside to the Inside

While we wait for the beauty and bounty of the 2016 garden season outside, a fun blooming project can be brought inside.  If you have access to crabapple, lilac, honeysuckle, apple, plum, forsythia, dogwood, chokecherry or pussywillow then your garden can bloom inside!  This technique is called “forcing branches.”  Follow these 5 simple steps for a jump on spring: 1.        CUT – Select branches that have fat... Read More

March in the Landscape

“To dig and delve in nice clean dirt   Can do a mortal little hurt.” John Kendrick Bangs (1862-1922) American Writer Before any planting, the soil must be dry, not wet! Working with the soil when wet drastically alters the structure of the soil particles by compacting them. This does not allow for movement of oxygen, microbes, and composting arthropods/insects which are necessary for plants to... Read More

Creek Side Store Open

Spring is in the air and just in time, Creek Side Gardens is now open for business.  We take a little break during the winter months to work on new projects and greenhouse maintenance so that everything will be ready to go for the busy spring season.  And ready to go we are! As we have been sharing with you the past several weeks, planting... Read More

Early Season Garden Fun

With the beautiful February thaw weather that we have been having, has everyone had a chance to get out into your yard and garden to see how things are doing? It has been an interesting winter season.  There has been a fair amount of steady snowfall over the course of the last several months.  So much so that in the lowest, shadiest areas of the... Read More

Creek Side Spring Surprises

Even though the retail store has not opened yet (opening Sat. Feb. 27!), it has been a very busy couple of weeks for Creek Side.  Our geranium crop has been planted and the plants look great!  We will have several new varieties for you to check out this spring.  Along with the geranium pots, we planted geranium and fuchsia hanging baskets so they will get... Read More

Gardening Forever!

Spring is coming!  Its arrival gives us a sense of renewal- time to get outdoors.  All of us have an intuitive appreciation and enjoyment for the outdoors, even as we get older.  Baby Boomer gardeners represent a strong shopping segment for many independent retail garden centers. Following are suggestions for helping baby boomers continue to garden as age makes it a little more challenging. Provide... Read More

Creek Side Workshop Schedule 2016

A brand new spring season is upon us, and Creek Side Gardens is gearing up for the fun!  Next week our pots of geraniums will be planted along with the fuchsia and geranium hanging baskets.  It is so exciting to start up the greenhouses with fresh new pots, soil and baby plants.  The day lengths are becoming noticeably longer minute by minute.  The warm sun... Read More