Count Your Blessings

It’s November! Thanksgiving is only a few short weeks away and it’s already the halfway point of autumn before the winter solstice (December 22nd). Some thoughts to carry you through the holiday rush; ✦ “Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.” Elizabeth Bibesco ✦ “It isn’t the great pleasures that count the most; it’s making a great deal out of the little... Read More

November Plant Pointers

If you are feeling a bit melancholy because all your beautiful outdoor plants have passed on or gone dormant, you can move your green thumb indoors! This is the time of the season for Poinsettias, Paper Whites (Narcissus), Amaryllis and Christmas Cactus. Creek Side Gardens is stocking up on these traditional holiday favorites. The bulbs can be purchased as ‘bare root’ bulbs or as pre-potted plants.... Read More

A Familiar October Face

His face, too broad for beauty, shows Complexion far too florid; His eyes are vacant, and his nose Triangular and horrid. The spaces left between his teeth Would shock an orthodontist; His lid has not a hair beneath… He’ll win no beauty contest! Yet when a candle set inside Is lit, he looks quite mellow, And very quickly we agree That he’s a charming fellow.... Read More

It’s Not Over Until the Last Leaf Falls!

Our community has enjoyed a beautiful, long garden season this year! Gardeners and all of us in the nursery business have been watching the days closely awaiting the First Average Frost and yes, it has arrived as predicted – in the small hours of October 28th. There are a number of gardening tasks which can still be completed before the ground freezes. Remember, the days... Read More


Got a spare goat’s horn laying around the house? If so, you can create a beautiful centerpiece celebrating the abundance of the season’s harvest. Most of us will have to settle for the typical, hollow-horn shaped wicker basket you can find at the local hobby/craft store. The tradition of filling the ‘horn of plenty’ can be traced back to 5 B.C. The Latin word ‘cornucopia’... Read More


Dogs and cats alike will nibble and ingest green grass blades during the spring and summer months when availability and growth is plentiful. This behavior has been linked to boredom, curiosity, even nutritional necessity. Whatever the reason your pet decides to dine on greens, it becomes an important issue as the weather changes, the availability of grass is non-existent, pets spend more time indoors, and your houseplants start looking... Read More

It’s a Great Pumpkin!

Those beautiful orange berries we all know as pumpkins are abundant this time of year and there are many sizes, shapes, and colors to choose. After the perfect pumpkin has been selected, some helpful tips are needed to ensure its stay in your home. Neighborhood squirrels will be delighted to share the bounty you have placed on your front porch, and they won’t even ask! The seeds are the... Read More

Mulch – A Blanket of Care for Your Garden

Defined, mulch is a layer of organic or inorganic material spread on the surface of the soil to reduce moisture loss. Organic mulches are generally a better choicer because they offer the added benefits of improving soil structure and fertility. Organic mulches include compost (commercial or homemade), shredded bark, dried grass clippings (free of herbicides), aged sawdust, clean wheat straw, pine needles and other coarsely ground or shredded... Read More

Creek Side Artisan Craft Fair

Please join us Saturday November 3, 2018, from 10-3pm to explore wonderful holiday and gift crafts made right here in our community. Creek Side Gardens believes in supporting our local artisan crafter’s and is hosting 15+ local artisan crafts-people.  We’ll offer refreshments and share a fun day together. Great original gift ideas!  Crafts included: handmade soap, stained glass, handmade purses, aprons, aromatherapy, leather goods, photography, leather... Read More

Changing of the Season

The artist and poet Ashleigh Brilliant, once said, “Constant change is here to stay.”  Change can be disturbing for some and a relief for others. The changing of seasons happens to all. We talk of the “seasons” of our lives which are demarcated by the experience of growing older. From the ancient of times, humans have been rooted in the seasons, always watching the “signs” of change. This... Read More