Personal Creations & Holiday Plans

Are you interested in creating your own indoor garden?  Have you thought about planting your own  terrarium?  Or succulent garden?  Or herb garden?  Or air plant creation?  You are welcome to visit Creek Side Gardens anytime to create your own personalized garden.  And your Green Team staff of gardening experts will help you plan and plant/ assemble your creation!

The steps involved are fairly similar for each type of garden.  Number one, choose a container to plant the garden into.  Number two, choose the plants that you would like.  Number three, place the plants  into the container.  If you purchase the container and plants from Creek Side Gardens, we will provide the workspace and planting soil to get your project done.  Number four, include decorative materials if appropriate.  Number five, water the plants in and take your beautiful creation home!

Creek Side offers a good selection of starter plants and containers of all sizes for planting yourself.  You have the fun of customizing it exactly as you would like it look.  And within your budget!  Ask your Green Team member for details and we’ll show you how it’s done!

Holiday planning and decorating is underway.  Of course we paint several walls in the store to get just the right look for this year’s winter wonderland.  The glasshouse is re-arranged to make room for the poinsettias and other holiday plant displays.  Shortly, our Creek Side team of holiday elves will procure the fresh, new gift and décor selections from storage and arrange them about the shop to create the colorful  designs and original innovations that Creek Side is noted for.

Christmas trees, wreaths, holiday greens, garland and poinsettias will arrive just before Thanksgiving.  Just in time to get the holidays off to a great start!  Don’t forget to add a visit to Creek Side Gardens this holiday season, on your list of fun-filled holiday adventures.  You will be glad you did!