Have you noticed? The morning air is growing cool and crisp. Touches of autumn are beginning to envelop the hot, sticky days of summer.  Anticipation awaits the dawning of a new season and a certain bittersweet emotion of the sun sinking earlier upon the horizon.

Thoughts of color fill the mind – the softening of summer’s riotous colors slowly fading into rich, jewel-tone hues – crimson, bronze, deep violet, jade, periwinkle, and gold. Reflecting and pondering moves us to exclaim – “Fall is my favorite season!” The color gold stands out above all others.  

We may not have the splendor of the New England flora, but in Colorado our beautiful and abundant Aspen (Populus tremuloides) “trembles” brightly as if each leaf holds a small piece of sunshine.  The brilliance wanes. It is a time to bid fare thee well and Fall of years gone by have best been expressed in words.

Writers, Poets, and Playwrights have captured this season with their powerful words and images. They understood the simplicity and finality of nature. Robert Frost gave us ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay,’ Henry David Thoreau, ‘Walden (Pond)’ wrote eloquently of his experience spending afternoons and evenings in contemplation, reading, and walking about the countryside, and in 1981 the movie based on the play by Ernest Thompson, ‘On Golden Pond,’  depicts the inevitably of a life well lived. As the dying leaves loosen their grip and drift slowly downward to their resting place, know this isn’t goodbye because hope is stored within the leaves of Spring.


May the sun

Bring you new energy by day

May the moon

Softly restore you by night

May the rain

Wash away your worries

May the breeze

Blow new strength into your being

May you walk

Gently through the world and know it’s beauty

All the days of your life