Fairy Gardens

Fairy Garden

fairy garden Carol GallagherFairy gardening is one of the most popular gardening areas at Creek Side Gardens and actually, across the country. Because it has captured the imaginations of young and old generations of gardeners alike, it is a wonderful activity that can be celebrated and shared among friends and family members.

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fairy garden 2014Fairy gardens are planted in a low-profile bowl or container of various sizes. The idea is to create a small garden landscape in the bowl for fairies to reside. Small-sized plants are typically planted into the soil. And then the top of the soil is decorated with moss, stones or bark to create paths and play areas. Then small specialized fairy- sized decorations and accessories are placed in the garden so the fairies can sit on bench or swing and feel good in their new surroundings.

Fairy garden kids2 4-4Fairies have been mentioned in literature and poetry for years and the hobby of fairy gardening has been around for more than 100 years. Creek Side Gardens is your community greenhouse, garden center and nursery where the young and old can gather together to create their own fairy garden habitat complete with your choice of miniature accessories and live plants. These “green places for small spaces,” are ideal for gardeners who are downsizing, someone seeking the perfect living gift or an alternative centerpiece for a patio table. They are ideal indoor or outdoor miniature gardens for year-round pleasure.

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Fairy Gdns 3 gensToday, many fairy gardeners tell how the tradition has passed down from one generation to the next. Let Creek Side help you pass along this creative hobby and tradition of fairy gardens and gardening. Gather your favorite fairy gardeners together to attend a scheduled Saturday morning workshop to design your own miniature landscape. Or visit our Fairy Garden greenhouse anytime for options and advice. The design, plants and miniature accessories are limited only by your imagination.

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