New Burpee Tomato Varieties

Tomato Beefsteak

Brandy Boy

Versatile in the kitchen, this is one of the tastiest tomatoes you can grow.

A hybrid of the classic Brandywine, Brandy Boy has the benefits of an heirloom – incredible taste, smooth and thin skin – without the drawbacks. Producing loads of large pink fruits, this tomato is best eaten fresh in salads. These tomatoes need at least one inch (2.5 cm) of water per week and prefer six hours or more of direct sun each day.


Fruit weight: 7-10oz (198-284g)

Days to harvest: 78



Surprisingly compact plant with beefsteak size and flavor.

Now beefsteak tomatoes can be grown in a container! This mid-season beefsteak is a standout for its exceptional taste, size and quantity. the surprisingly compact plant is loaded with big, flavorful and meaty tomatoes that mature early. It’s well-suited for small gardens, too.


Fruit weight: 8-12oz (227-340g)

Days to harvest: 65



Oh Happy Day

Enjoy lots of tasty beefsteak tomatoes in clusters of 3 to 7 fruit.

These beefsteaks are quick to harvest, too, as they snap off easily from the stem. Oh Happy Day has an incredible disease-resistance package! The plants produce an outstanding crop of 5 to 6-oz (141 to 170-g) beefsteak tomatoes in clusters. This indeterminate variety resists Early Blight, Late Blight, Verticillium and Fusarium with a flavor that’s top notch!

Fruit weight: 5-6oz (141-170g)

Days to harvest: 67



Tomato Slicer

Bush Early Girl

Higher-yielding and earlier than other compact varieties, these large red fruits have excellent flavor.

A true bush-type plant, Bush Early Girl is perfect for large patio pots – amazingly compact yet productive. Growing only 18 in. (45 cm) tall, this plant produces tasty red fruits measuring almost 4 in. (10 cm) across. These tomatoes need at least one inch (2.5 cm) of water per week and prefer six hours or more of direct sun each day.

Fruit weight: 6-8oz (170-226g)

Days to harvest: 63



Cloudy Day

Bred in England — great choice for northern climates.

Bred in England, Cloudy Day is an excellent tomato to grow in northern climates. This plant does very well in cool, cloudy weather. It offers a high yield of 5-oz (141-g) tasty slicer fruit. It has Early and Late Blight resistance as well. Indeterminate. Part of our Space Savers Collection.

Fruit weight: 5oz (141g)

Days to harvest: 70




Fourth of July

This is the first tomato to ripen by Independence Day!

Producing small, luscious fruits, Fourth of July is one of the earliest producing varieties you can grow. Be the first on your block with fresh tomatoes! Although early, you can continue to harvest your plant until late summer or early fall. These tomatoes need at least one inch (2.5 cm) of water per week and prefer six hours or more of direct sun each day.

Fruit weight: 4oz (110g)

Days to harvest: 49




Vigorous but compact plants. Early yields with long continuous harvest.

The perfect slicer tomato for containers and small gardens. Homeslice fruits early and plants are compact and mounding for bountiful harvests of round fruit with true tomato flavor.

Fruit weight: 5-6oz (140-200g)





Orange Wellington

Orange Wellington is big, bold and bright! You’ll love its orange color and nearly seedless flesh.

Each of these smooth, orange heavyweights are plump with firm, dense, meaty, nearly seedless flesh. This indeterminate-type plant is hardy and prolific bearing from mid to late season.

Fruit weight: 12oz (340g)

Days to harvest: 75




Tomato Small Fruit

Baby Boomer

Each wildly prolific plant yields 300 or more little sweeties!

A cherry tomato that’s perfect for the patio! Each wildly prolific plant yields 300 or more little sweeties bursting with great-big flavor. Compact, whorled plants produce 1-in. (2.5-cm) tomatoes right up until frost. This one offers great Verticillium and Fusarium resistance. Ideal for small gardens and patio planters. We recommend that plants be caged.

Fruit weight: 1oz (28g)

Days to harvest: 50-55



Chocolate Sprinkles

Crack-resistant fruit have an attractive striped pattern.

Delivers the first in this type with a disease-resistance package. Unique fruit color: red with dark green overlay/striping for a “chocolaty” appearance that will appeal to foodies. Very productive, with lots of cherry tomatoes that have true tomato flavor and a nice, firm bite. Part of our Foodies Collection.

Fruit weight: 1-2oz (28-56g)

Days to harvest: 50-55