Garden Seeds

Garden seeds offer gardeners of all interests and abilities, the easiest and most cost effective method of growing new plants.  Whether it is the latest and greatest new vegetable variety or a tried and true garden flower, seeds are an excellent option for starting new plants for the growing season.  Creek Side Gardens features Botanical Interests garden seeds for flowers, vegetables, herbs and perennials.  All Botanical Interests seeds are non-GMO, plus they offer a big selection of organic and heirloom seeds.

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Outdoor garden seeds may be planted directly into the garden soil at the appropriate time of the season.  Or for plants that take a longer time to get started like peppers and tomatoes, outdoor seeds may be planted indoors and grown into starter plants that will then be planted outdoors as the weather warms up.  Seed germination requirements are particular to each type of seed but always require controlling the temperature and the moisture conditions around the seed for good germination.  Read the seed packet information for details of all types of seeds for seed depth and seed spacing for best results.  Another reason Creek Side features Botanical Interests Seeds is because not only do they include the usual seed sowing information on the outside of the package, they include detailed gardening tips and information specific to each variety on the inside of the package.  Plus recipes, historical information and botanical facts.

Indoor seed starting conditions require a location with bright light to keep the seedlings growing healthy and strong.  This means right in a window for good natural light.  Grow lights are very helpful for providing additional light for the plants if strong window light is not available.  Use growing containers with a good quality potting soil for germination and growing on as starter plants.  Water regularly and apply fertilizer as directed on package.

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The early season for Colorado gardeners begins in March and April, preparing the garden beds and planting the cool temperature loving early season garden seeds for flowers and vegetables like alyssum and lettuce.  Around Mother’s Day, the time of the average last frost, is the time to get your garden started for the summer season.  Although the Colorado weather up until this point can be quite unpredictable for gardeners, so use some caution as to what plants will require protection like tomatoes and peppers, or be hardy enough to withstand severe temperature conditions.  Many plants prefer to be planted late May after the soil has warmed up to encourage fast germination and plant growth.

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