Flower Pots & Planters

Garden Planters

Decorative flower pots and planters provide homeowners a wonderful decorating option to showcase their beautiful flowers outside the home, on the patio or in the garden. Also, as lawns and gardens grow smaller, one can still create the perfect garden in a flower pot or planter. To meet these needs, Creek Side Gardens carries an extensive range of decorative and utility empty flower pots and planters for growing flowers and vegetables.

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pottery 2016Creek Side features Campania International flower pots and planters for garden accent pottery. Each decorative piece is handmade from high-fired terra cotta. The finishes are applied by hand which adds to the unique glazed appearance of the pottery. Many of the Campania pots on display at Creek Side can hold one of our fully planted patio container gardens or container bowls. Our plastic planters are just the right size to use as inserts in the pottery instead of planting directly in the glazed pieces. Let us help you choose the right size planter for your handcrafted Campania planter.

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Our plastic flower pots and planters are lightweight, multi-season use, durable and available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors to fit any gardening project. Terra cotta, sandstone and chocolate brown are the colors in stock that complement many flower selections, as well as vegetables and tropical houseplants. Patio flower pots, garden bowls and hanging baskets range from 12″-22″ in diameter. Window, deck and rail boxes range from 24″-30″ in length.

pottery2 2016Another featured Creek Side container is the environmentally conscious choice of our popular “Earth” baskets and pots. Constructed of recycled and biodegradable materials, the microporous structure retains soil moisture and yet is breathable and durable. They can be used for a couple of seasons and then be re-cycled. The “Earth” flower pots, baskets and garden planters are sized similarly to Creek Side’s popular plastic planters.


garden plantersFor gardeners looking for something more natural in appearance, we offer the ever popular moss hanging baskets in 12″-22″ in diameter sizes plus an assortment of coco-fiber inserts.

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When the garden season is over and you no longer need your planters, Creek Side offers recycling of empty planting containers. Just bring them over and set them in the pot recycling area in the parking lot any time of the year.