House Plants

Indoor House Plants


Did you know that houseplants clean the air in your home? Through photosynthesis, they use sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to manufacture food for their growth and release oxygen and water into the air to create a more healthful environment. Living or working among houseplants has also shown to be less stressful than without houseplants. If you haven’t seen the scientific studies (and not many have), we know through our own intuition that houseplants create a more pleasant, livable space. That’s why so many people love their indoor houseplants!

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houseplants wk 9Most houseplants are tropical plants that like the room temperature conditions in our homes and offices. Depending upon where in the tropical jungle they grew, they may prefer bright light, medium light conditions or can tolerate low light conditions found in many of our homes. Choosing the right houseplant for decorating your home is usually dictated by the light levels available. Are there windows in the room? Which direction do the windows face? The answers to these questions will help determine which plant is best for your location. Then focus on developing a consistent watering schedule which will depend upon the plant chosen and light levels. Light levels and watering are your most important considerations to successful houseplant care.

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Houseplants are available in all sizes from the very small to the very large. Other conditions can be taken into account including color, texture, form and height. You’ll know what you like or don’t like as you review your options at the greenhouse. Creek Side offers a nice selection of houseplants year round in many sizes from small to large.

Groups of houseplants may be of particular interest. For example, succulents are very popular right now. There are many different sizes, shapes and textures to choose from. Plus, they do not require fussy care. But, they do require high light levels to order to grow well and flourish. Creek Side offers many fun and new succulent varieties.

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