Plant & Gardening Trends

Gardening Today

People are discovering clever ways to garden anywhere and everywhere.  In a tiny yard, or no yard at all.  Whether it is a container garden, a raised bed or a traditional in-ground bed, all gardens provide significant benefits, helping you discover health and community right in your own backyard. Vegetable Gardens What do you want to grow?  Herb and vegetable gardens are more popular than... Read More

The Longest Flowering Perennials

A well-designed garden provides interest from early spring through late autumn, and beyond if you also select plants for winter structure. But, for the main growing season, much of that interest comes from flowering and foliage plants. Gardeners who want a lower maintenance landscape would be wise to look for perennial plants that are both easy-to-grow and offer a long blooming period. Most perennial plants flower... Read More

Ornamental Grasses

Design and Care Grasses add variety to many types of gardens adding two elements to the garden experience that are not readily obtained from many other plants: movement and sound. Grasses look well against a dark background and placed to catch morning or evening light. Vertical Presence & Winter Interest Grasses also add a significant vertical presence to the winter landscape and are commonly left... Read More

Water Wise Perennials for Colorado

There are many benefits to using Colorado native and water-wise perennial plants for home and commercial landscapes. Colorado water-wise perennials are naturally adapted to their specific Colorado climate, soils, and environmental conditions.  You may create a lush, attractive native landscape utilizing water-wise perennials and shrubs. Another benefit of using Colorado water-wise plants in landscapes is that they may attract a wide variety of wildlife including... Read More

Easy Annuals to Plant this Spring

Old-fashioned annual flowers like nasturtiums and zinnias have made a huge comeback in gardens and containers. Because of an increased interest in supporting pollinators and butterflies, the popularity of cut flowers, and because they’re beautiful and easy to grow, this group of annual flowers are gaining in popularity.  Not to mention, growing flowers from seed is a great budget choice as well! Quick Growing from... Read More

Garden ‘To Do’ for late April

Your head is in a swirl, excited for the upcoming season, what to plant, when to fertilize, what needs pruning, and on and on. Resist planting tender plants too soon Because of the erratic spring weather in Colorado, is better to be patient and wait for the weather to warm up. Consider planting cool season perennials and annuals that have been hardened-off and can handle... Read More

The Best Herbs for Growing in a Container

There are many benefits to growing herbs in containers. Having access to fresh herbs near the kitchen is the obvious benefit. In addition, different herbs have different moisture needs and growing them in pots is an easy way to control soil moisture.  Successful herb growing in containers is easiest outdoors, but can be successful indoors with bright light conditions as well. Basil Basil is the go-to herb in... Read More

Perennials, Shrubs, Trees

This week, perennial plants, shrubs and trees that bring Color to your Life in your landscape! Big 6″ Perennial Pots Creek Side’s Grown Fresh™ perennial selection continues to expand.  Now offering over 350 varieties of perennials that have been selected specifically for success in our Rocky Mountain growing environment.  Creek Side began planting our larger 6” pot size perennials last summer.  They were all safe... Read More

Garden Bulb Planting

Not all garden plants are reproduced by seed.  In some cases, garden bulbs are the preferred method of starting a new plant for many popular garden flowers and vegetables.  As with any type of plant propagation, soil temperature and moisture levels must be controlled for most successful growth. Fall Planting Vs. Summer Planting There are two major groups of garden bulbs. Fall planted Dutch bulbs... Read More

Creek Side Gardens Top 10 Gardening Tips

Plan your Garden Draw and follow a plan for plants, fences and hardscape to avoid having to move them as the garden evolves. Determine the type and style of garden you want, and then develop a 5-year plan to accomplish the makeover. Find the right plant for the right location – sun or shade, tall or short etc. Minimize maintenance Make it as easy as... Read More