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Garden Soil and Fertilizer

Color in your life requires more than beautiful flowers. It requires the right supplies to keep your flowers looking great all season long. Great gardening and strong plant growth begins with healthy garden soil. Creek Side will make recommendations to you and will provide the soil amendments that you need to improve your garden soil.

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In garden beds, Creek Side recommends the addition of organic matter to improve water holding capacity and aeration around the root system.

NatureNatures Yield compost 2015’s Yield Compost is an excellent amendment to add to your garden soil any time you are planting perennials, shrubs and trees. Nature’s Yield Outdoor Planter Mix is the perfect addition for raised garden beds. Top dress your outdoor beds with bark mulch to help hold in the water, keep the soil cooler and keep down the weeds. Creek Side offers a variety of bark mulches suitable for most gardeners’ needs.


ProMix 2016Container gardens require a premium-quality potting soil, something different than a garden soil, in your container to provide the optimum balance of water and air around the roots. Creek Side Gardens recommends ProMix potting soils, the same potting soil we use in the greenhouse for all of our plant growing. ProMix has the proper balance of water holding capacity and aeration around the roots to keep them healthy. If the roots are healthy, then the stems, leaves and flowers are going to be healthy as well.

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After soil and water considerations, choosing the best fertilizer for our garden soil and container gardens is an important. Use Jack’s water soluble fertilizer regularly or Osmocote time-released granules applied to the surface of the soil once at the beginning of the season for full nutrition all season long. Interested in organic fertilizer? Creek Side offers a variety of options to get you on your way.  Finding the best soil amendments and fertilizer is important for your garden soil and container gardens. Call or stop by Creek Side Gardens for the best advice.

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