Perennial Flowers

Perennial Plants

perennials3 7-21-14Perennial flowers and plants are planted once and then enjoyed year after year. As your community greenhouse that adds color to your like, Creek Side offers many colors, shapes, sizes and types for all your gardening needs. You will be amazed with the top-quality and big assortment of plants for sunny or shady locations available. Check out our Grown Fresh GuaranteeTM.

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perennials 4-3-13Perennial plants differ from annuals not only in the fact that they are winter hardy and will come back each year, but in the fact that typically many perennials bloom during a portion of the season rather than all season long. So in addition to flower color and plant height, another dimension (fun) to designing a perennial flower bed is to incorporate plants that bloom during various times of the season i.e. early season, midseason, late season.

To be sure you have the very best perennial flowers available, the Green Team passionately searches through the regional flower trial gardens and scours the flower and plant catalogs to find the very best performing varieties for your garden. As a result of new flower breeding, many perennials have an extended bloom time or will re-bloom later in the season. We are always on the lookout for these varieties so that you may enjoy them for a longer period of time in your garden.

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We always get excited at planting time when the new young perennial plants are planted into containers filled with premium-quality potting soil, then placed into our climate-controlled greenhouses where they are meticulously nurtured and cared for until they are ready for you to take them home. In the case of perennials, that may mean several weeks or even months before they are ready.

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