Container Gardens

Container Gardening

Container gardening is very popular especially for gardeners with no yards or limited growing area in the ground.  All types of plants may be grown in containers.  Annual flowers, herbs and vegetables work very well because their growing will be over at the end of the summer season.  Those containers can then be replanted the following season with a fresh planting.  Perennials, shrubs and trees may be grown in containers but care must be taken to select the plants that will over-winter in the container and grow again the next season.  Over-wintering plants in containers will require that they be watered periodically even through the winter.

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Creek Side Gardens, your community greenhouse adding color to your life, specializes in colorful Grown Fresh pre-planted container gardens featuring big, strong, beautiful annual flowers.  These container gardens will bloom all summer in sunny or shady locations.  With an experienced eye for color and form, combinations of colorful annuals are planted together into containers ranging from 12″ to 22″ in diameter.  You will be amazed with our creations when you come to visit.

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Oftentimes we are asked how we grow them so beautifully. Our secret is shared with you here so that you may enjoy your container gardening all season long.

We begin with great annual plant genetics so that the superior performance of these flowers is built into the plant itself. Our warm, dry growing climate requires our annual plants to possess genetic vigor to withstand our sometimes harsh growing conditions throughout the summertime.  You’ll find the very best annual varieties for Colorado growing at Creek Side Gardens.

Your location will determine whether your container garden needs sunshine or shade. Choose a sun or shade container appropriately.

Watering your container garden regularly is one of the most important things you can do. Especially during the summer months.

Fertilizer applications made on a regular basis throughout the growing season will double your flower power and extend the life of your container garden until the very end of the season. Ask our Green Team experts which fertilizer is best for you.

Container gardening is an excellent gardening option for all gardeners.  Whether it’s used for flowers or vegetables, containers are an easy and convenient method for growing plants.  In addition to the pre-planted combination container gardens, Creek Side is excited to offer the individual plants, potting soil and containers to fulfill our guests own imaginations.

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