Flowering Shrubs & Trees

Shrubs & Trees

shrubs 2014Shrubs and trees establish the backbone of your landscape design, the outline from which the rest of your garden will be formed. They help to create a pleasing form of plant life around our homes. They provide shade and beauty all around us. Flowering shrubs and trees, specimens, hedges and shade trees are all very popular options to consider. Creek Side offers a nice selection of shrubs and trees for all purposes.

When considering your choice for a shrub or tree, first and foremost, think about how you envision the space that your shrub or tree may occupy. Is it up against the house or out in the open space of the garden? Will it be a sunny or shady location? Would you like it to be tall or short or somewhere in between? Would you prefer it was evergreen or is it going to look alright after the leaves fall off in winter?

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blue mist spirea 2016In addition to creating a pleasant view, shrubs and trees will provide many benefits. How about that nice shade tree helping to keep your home cool in the summertime? Then some beautiful fall color as the leaves change in the autumn. How about beautiful flowers that are enjoyable to look at? Which are sometimes followed by colorful fruits which will add interest in your landscape for a longer period of the year. How about some privacy? Let’s create a green fence of foliage rather than a wooden fence.

potentilla 2016Wander down the Woodlands Trail in the nursery at Creek Side Gardens to help you get the look and feel for how flowering shrubs and trees would look in your landscape. Our Colorado Certified Nursery Professionals will answer your questions and help you make a selection.

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