Garden Supplies

Gardening Supplies

Creek Side Gardens, your community greenhouse, garden center and nursery understands how important it is to find the garden supplies that you will need and use to make your gardening efforts successful. That is why Creek Side offers what a wide variety of choices.

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Potting Soil

It begins with providing the best soil for your plants to grow in. Adding soil amendments to your garden soil will improve porosity and aeration. Choose from our selection of Nature’s Yield products. For container gardens, select a top-quality potting soil from our line of ProMix potting soils, the same potting soil we use in our greenhouses to promote superior plant growth.



Fertilizer should be applied during the growing season to provide all the building blocks that plants need to grow. Whether it is your lawn, your flower or vegetable garden or your trees and shrubs, supplying additional fertilizer at the recommended rate will go a long way toward growing healthy plants to their full potential. Container gardens and hanging baskets require fertilization on a regular basis to fulfill those plants needs as well. Fertilizers for garden beds and containers may be applied in liquid or granular forms. Our Green Team members will explain the pros and cons for each and make a recommendation as to which technique would be best for your application.

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Seeds & Bulbs

Seed sowing is one of the most common methods for starting new plants. Seed is relatively inexpensive, easy to germinate in your home or in the garden bed and many varieties of flowers, vegetables and herbs are available. Creek Side features seeds from Botanical Interests, our premier regional seed supplier. Some plants are started from bulbs. Most commonly the Dutch flower bulbs of tulips and daffodils which are planted in the fall for flowering in the spring. Summer flower bulbs are planted in the spring as are several types of summer vegetables.

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Garden Pest Control

Pest and disease control is always a bit of a concern from one season to another. Creek Side offers organic as well as traditional options for fighting pests in your garden. Check with our Green Team experts as to what would be the best recommendation for you.

Garden Tools

Tools, gloves, stakes, cages and supports, rabbit and deer control products, hoses and irrigation nozzles and many other gardening supplies are available in the Creek Side Yard and Garden Shop. Stop by and we will gladly help you.