Your Community Greenhouse

Hardy Hibiscus and Hydrangeas

Creek Side plants large bare roots to get the hardy hibiscus crop going in late April.  At the same time, we plant starter hydrangea plants that have been conditioned to take off and flower this year.  Superior plant genetics from Proven Winner on both plant selections helps us to grow large hibiscus and hydrangea bushes that are extremely hardy in Colorado gardens.  Or set the... Read More

Creek Side Community Events

Creek Side Gardens, your community greenhouse, garden center and nursery is where we come together to enrich each other’s lives. Whether we are preparing for a new season, during a busy growing season or just contemplating how and why it is that flowers and plants add so much to our lives, we realize that real joy is simply being connected in the Creek Side community.... Read More

More Fresh Summer Flowers

Creek Side is currently featuring a group of summer flowering shrubs that are just beginning to bloom.  These shrubs are suitable for planting in your landscape right now to fill in a little summer color. Or think outside the box, how about enjoying a blooming shrub on your patio this summer?  Care for it just like you would your mixed pots of summer flowering annuals. ... Read More

Rocky Mountain Springtime

Another typical springtime along the front range of the Colorado Rockies.  Cold, wind and snow just about the time we would like to see some nice weather.  It is certainly not unusual, or totally unexpected.  But since Mother Nature has been teasing us since February with 70 degree temperatures, it does get a little dis-heartening for us anxious gardeners. The fact of the matter is... Read More

Roses, Shrubs and Trees

The Creek Side Gardens nursery area is undergoing re-population for the spring and summer season.  All the beautiful perennial plants that we have been taking care of all winter, are being brought up from the cold houses and cold frames down on the creek.  The benches are set up in the nursery and with the beautiful weather we are having, we are in the process... Read More

Easter Egg Scramble and Open House

At Creek Side Gardens, we believe that joy comes from being connected and making active contributions to the community. Our free community events create a place where we come together to celebrate the seasons all through the calendar year.  This Event Season at Creek Side Gardens is especially fun and exciting as we kick-off another successful year. One of everybody’s favorites is the Creek Side... Read More

April Gardening

Pansies and annual flowers Pansies and violas are the perfect annual flower for planting in April.  Everybody loves their cheerful and colorful smiling flower faces in the early season.  Plant pansies in April because they love the cool, bright growing conditions that April offers.  They are very cold temperature tolerant and will withstand whatever Mother Nature throws our way now.  Freezing temperatures, snow, rain and... Read More

Creek Side Perennial Plants

Just like all the beautiful annual flowering hanging basket and container gardens, Creek Side grows over 250 varieties of perennials right in site in our nice, cool greenhouses down on the creek.  Selecting the perennial plants for your garden directly from the grower offers several advantages. Number one, you can see the difference in quality.  Big, healthy plants that are going to grow well and... Read More

Beautiful Flowers

You know, one of the best aspects of growing spring plants in the greenhouse, is the preview we receive when the very first annual flowers open on the newly planted container gardens and hanging baskets.  Some of the small starter plants already have flower buds when we plant them.  Others need a few weeks to settle in and grow before forming flower buds. Every week... Read More

That Early Spring Feeling

Not only does it feel like spring, with the crazy warm weather we are experiencing right now, it feels like summer already.  Woohoo!  Yes, let’s get going with our spring garden plans.  Let’s start planting!  Let’s get our garden growing.  This will be the earliest beginning to the spring season ever! Oh, but wait a minute…we live in the Rocky Mountain growing region.  What does... Read More