Your Community Greenhouse

Summer Shrubs and Trees

Beautiful summertime weather conditions in store for the next couple of weeks.  The 90 degree days will make your landscape grow with adequate moisture applied.  Let’s make our landscape beautiful! Landscape planting It is not too late to plant trees and shrubs if you water them adequately. The Creek Side selection of shrubs and trees of all sizes for your landscape planting is tremendous.  Lots... Read More

June Grown Fresh Annuals & Perennials

Annual Flowers Large, full Container Gardens available to insert into your decorative container.  Measure the inside diameter of your container- then choose a 14″- 16″- 18″ or 22″ diameter container garden to fit the inside.  Or just set on the porch or patio all ready to go!  Lots of colors and styles to choose from. Our June crop of hanging baskets is blooming right on... Read More

Creek Side Kick-Off to Summer

Summer is here and the time is right….to visit the Creek Side Gardens for Annual Flowers, Perennials, Roses, Shrubs and Trees and Vegetables.  Beautiful, colorful Grown Fresh flowers and soothing greens all around.  Just imagine what your patio and landscape will look like? Hanging Baskets & Container Gardens Our Annual Hanging Baskets and Container Gardens love the warm temperatures and long days and show it... Read More

Spring into Essential Garden Supplies

Plan ahead and be equipped with garden supplies that you will find helpful this season. FERTILIZERS Jack’s – Our mainstay fertilizer that we sell and grow with is Jack’s.  The Petunia Feed is for ALL flowers in containers and a great start the season fertilizer.  Round out the trio with the All Purpose and Bloom Booster. Down To Earth (Organic) – New this season is... Read More

Roses, Shrubs and Trees

Roses Last week of April/ first week in May we will herald the arrival of over 300 rose bushes and a great selection of flowering shrubs and trees.  Because most of our display areas are out of doors, we like to wait until late April to bring them in so that hopefully most of the cold, snowy weather has passed.  That worked out this year... Read More

Plus it Up in the Garden

Outdoor living space enhancements Enjoying your outdoor space goes beyond the flowers and vegetable gardens.  Adding a bench, fountain, garden stakes and statuary rounds out the PLUS IT UP factor in your garden. Garden Stakes, Wind Spinners, and Chimes The element of movement and sound in the garden creates another level of enjoyment.  Here at Creek Side, we have a wide variety of garden stakes... Read More

The Tropics Have Arrived in Colorado

Our semi-trailer pulled in this week carrying our 400+ tropical plants. Each season, these tropical selections give us Coloradoans a taste of living in a tropical climate! Here we will highlight our 2024 selections. Hibiscus The hibiscus flower is large, striking, and trumpet-shaped and comes in a range of bright colors. Grows all over in warm climates, such as Hawaii. By watering and fertilizing consistently,... Read More

Ready to Go for Spring!

  Indoor Living Gift Shop with spring themed gifts an decor.  Nice selection of colorful porch coir doormats to choose from.  Check out spring napkins, dish towels, candles, cards, porch flags. ‘Cool Wave’ pansy baskets are a great pop of color to your outdoor living space. Pansies are cold tolerant and hardy.  Pansy Bowls and Container Gardens ready for the season!  Plant your own 6-pak pansy... Read More

Greenhouse Planting Progress Report

Believe it or not, the spring season officially begins Monday March 20 and Mother Nature has kept  us primed with lots of beneficial moisture this winter.  All seasoned Rocky Mountain gardeners know the nice weather we have is going to be mixed with cold and snow for the next several weeks.  Let it snow right now and send sunny skies in April and May when... Read More

Pansies and Perennials

Even though the temperatures have been unbelievably warm, it is still too early in the spring season to get much planting done outside.  Best to keep up with garden and landscape cleanup or improvement projects right now. But now that we are rolling into the month of March, and you are anxious to be the first person on your block with flowers on your porch,... Read More