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Container Gardening is Fun and Easy

Container gardening is very popular, especially for gardeners with no yards or limited growing area in the ground.  All types of plants may be grown in containers.  Annual flowers, herbs and vegetables work very well because their growing will be over at the end of the summer season.  Your containers can then be replanted the following season with a fresh planting. Perennials, shrubs and trees... Read More

Plants for Beneficial Insects

While there’s been a lot of interest promoting pollinators in the news lately, let’s not forget about supporting all the other beneficial insects that reside in our yards and gardens. There are thousands of species of predatory and parasitic beneficial insects who help us control many common garden pests by consuming them or using them to house and feed their developing young. Beneficial Insects in... Read More

Vegetables Love Flowers

Adding flowers to the vegetable garden not only adds colorful interest but will help your garden stay healthy by attracting beneficial insects or discouraging harmful insects. While there are many good reasons to go natural in the garden, the resounding reason that every gardener can get on board with is that it just makes gar­dening easier and more abundant. When flowers are coupled with all-natural... Read More

What is Landscape Mulch?

Mulch is any material placed on top of the soil to suppress weeds, conserve soil moisture, add organic matter, and provide an attractive backdrop for plantings. Mulch can also reduce erosion, improve the soil’s structure and fertility as it breaks down, and stabilize soil temperature fluctuations. As you can see, there are so many good reasons to make mulch a part of your garden. But,... Read More

Hardening Off Plants before Planting

“Hardening off” may sound like some sort of difficult preparation for a college exam. Take heart. It isn’t. It isn’t even hard! Hardening off refers to the process of acclimating plants from indoor temperatures to the outdoors. Because plants usually are grown in greenhouses (or, as seedlings in our kitchen window!), they’ve been pampered. They need to be introduced slowly to the elements of wind... Read More

Springtime – A Fresh Start

One of the best things about gardening and working with nature is the change of seasons.  And with each change of seasons brings new hopes, attitudes, and opportunities. Springtime Springtime is arguably the most exciting of all the season changes because it really feels like a new beginning.  We can wipe last year’s experiences off the map and begin anew.  A fresh start for fulling... Read More

Make the Holiday Special for YOU!

In the rush of the holidays, after the “who for” lists are completed, don’t forget to include yourself and your family in the celebration.  Consider decorating your home with fun and personal holiday accents, winter greenery and flowers. Meaningful Living Spaces Creating a meaningful living space in our home provides us a quiet place to decompress after stressful days at work; they provide us a... Read More

How to Avoid Overwatering Your Plants this Winter

As your houseplants take a break for the winter it can be easy to accidentally kill them with kindness. Here’s how to avoid overwatering and even nurse overwatered plants back to life. Do the finger touch test Get into the habit of checking the soil before you reach for your watering can. Simply touch the surface of the soil with your finger.  If it feels... Read More

Summer Pollinator Garden Care Tips

As the heat of the summer carries on everyone seems to scatter to a local pool or vacation away from home.  Remembering that the heat of summer is also tough on our pollinators who visit our gardens daily.  We can keep them coming to feast as long as we provide clean feeders and a must, WATER! Hummingbird Feeder Care – The best choices to feed... Read More

Trimming Summer Perennials

Many of your perennial plants would benefit from a little bit of maintenance, especially at this time of year. Deadheading, shearing or cutback of certain perennials in early summer is helpful in refreshing tired foliage and encouraging rebloom of spring and early summer bloomers. You may notice that many of the plants listed appear on both lists.  Begin the season with deadheading and move over... Read More