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And Now, October

As we close in on the middle of the month, much has transpired in this 10th month of the year!  We saw our first frost which was quickly followed by the first freeze and snowfall of the season. Is fall really settling down or did it just get geared up? Here’s a nostalgic look into the waning season;   When wheat fields turn to burnished... Read More

‘Twas The Night Before….

‘Twas the night before the First Average Frost, when all through the house All the creatures were stirring, even the mice, and the voles, and the spiders, and the… The tools were not hung in the shed with care, Someone was hoping for time to prepare; My family was all snug in their beds; While visions of no yardwork or gardening danced in their heads;... Read More

Can You Say, Senescence?

Senescence can be traced back to Latin senex, meaning “old.” There’s also the much rarer senectitude, which, like senescence, refers to the state of being old (specifically, to the final stage of the normal life span). This event happens every year – senescence –  to the deciduous trees in Colorado, including the beautiful stands of Aspen at higher altitudes. The leaves have grown “old,” and... Read More

Holly’s Oktoberfest Beer Cheese Soup

Oktoberfest Beer Cheese Soup 1 ½ sticks of butter 3-4 tbsp flour 1 package of frozen “soup” veggies (onions, carrots, celery) 3-4 potatoes (peeled & cubed) 3 cups chicken broth 4 cups water 2 cups cheddar cheese (mild or sharp) I use sharp 1 ½ cups grated parmesan cheese. ½ block Velvetta cheese – cut into cubes 1 bottle of beer (depending on your taste... Read More

Fall Planting Guide

What to consider when planting a Tree, Shrub, Rose, or Perennial – Planning Purchasing Preparation (of area) Planting     Materials to have on hand for planting a Tree, Shrub, Rose or Perennial – Ferti-Lome Root Stimulator Nature’s Yield Compost Organic Mulch Hand Trowel Spade/Shovel Garden Fork Garden Hose/Watering Can Tape Measure Plan: Measure the bed area, the amount of sunlight the area gets and... Read More

Adieu, Adios, Sayonara and Goodbye Summer?

Looking forward in the calendar, Summer doesn’t really end until Autumn begins on September 25th.  So, why is Labor Day considered the “end of summer?” It could be a throwback to our agrarian society, a reason for the retail industry to hold another sale, end of summer break and beginning of a new school year…?   Actually, the U.S. Department of Labor initiated the first... Read More

I Want S’More!

August 10th – It may not be the most historically important date, but it sure is a tasty one. “S’MORES,” named as such because everyone who enjoys the ooey, gooey snack asks for “some more.” S’mores have been around since the 19th century, and they’re everyone’s favorite camping staple. They are easy to assemble and they are made from inexpensive ingredients, so there’s no wondering... Read More


There is an old saying, “Stop, and smell the roses.” It’s a reminder to slow down and take a moment to breathe in the aroma of something beautiful.  If you are not in close proximity to a rose garden, this can be a challenge.  A similar experience to slowing down is to lie back and watch the clouds.  The summertime sky  in Colorado produces an... Read More

Old Time Emojis

It is unclear exactly when “Hobo” first appeared on the American railroading scene. With the end of the American Civil War in the 1860s, many discharged veterans returning home began hopping freight trains. Others looking for work and no prospects at home followed the railways west aboard freight trains in the late 19th century to try their luck elsewhere. The origin of the word, Hobo, according... Read More

Where the Wild Strawberry Grows

Along a quiet mountain trail nestled among the tangled weeds, lay hidden the wild strawberry. Wild strawberries are tiny but incredibly sweet and full of flavor nuances that are missing in the massive cultivated varieties available in grocery stores. The grocery store varieties were hybridized from wild strawberries; which are the  common Fragaria virginiana and Fragaria chiloensis. After farmers in Persia started cultivating this delicious... Read More