A Holiday Gift that is not for the Holidays

Everyone has that friend or family member that celebrates a birthday, milestone or a ‘non’ holiday event during December. Not everyone wants to receive a holiday themed gift.  Think outside the box and see what Creek Side has for you. Garden gifts – year-round Your avid gardeners can start the spring season with some new supplies, seeds, and tools.   Think about gloves, seeds, a watering... Read More

Preparing for winter – from our ‘green’ house to yours

Preparing our gardens for the winter is important.  Most of the greenhouses at Creek Side have been ‘winterized’ for the season. A few of the houses have potted plants in them whether it is heated or not. Our perennials are tucked away in the ‘cold’ house.  This greenhouse offers protection to the plants from the wind and very severe cold winter temperatures. Once these plants... Read More

Home for the Holidays – Creek Side Style

Certainly, one of the biggest surprises for our first-time visitors is that we have a beautiful décor gift shop and boutique.  The gift shop is often the ‘go to’ place for our regular customers who can usually find a special and unique gift for themselves or the perfect hostess gift. We have some exciting new items this year to showcase for you. Holiday snacks Everyone... Read More

How to Grow Amaryllis Indoors

To grow amaryllis successfully indoors, follow these steps. It is worth it to have a showy display of gorgeous blooms greeting you on an otherwise dreary day. Choosing Your Bulbs There are many different varieties of amaryllis in different colors, fragrances, and flower types. One bulb will grow two stems, which in turn will produce four flowers each. If you want really big flowers,  choose... Read More

Composting Guide for Colorado

With all the leaf raking going on, now may be a good time to consider building a compost pile.  Use all those dry leaves and turn them into black gold for your garden beds.  This process requires the right ingredients, blended together in the proper balance for this natural process to take place.  It will require some of your time and attention to make sure... Read More

Rolling Through the Seasons

Many customers ask, ‘when do you close for the season?’ and are often surprised to learn that we are open until December 23rd.  It’s a little quiet after the Pumpkin Patch closes down but Creek Side Gardens is a year ’round greenhouse, garden center and nursery that keeps rolling through the seasons!  Right now, before the holidays our Green Team staff of horticultural professionals are... Read More

Late Fall Garden Tips

Our fall landscapes are changing colors and looking beautiful.  Eventually a hard frost and winter snap will bring an abrupt end to all our autumn beauty.  Golden yellow leaves on honeylocusts and cottonwoods, bright red leaves on maples and autumn purple ash will turn brown and fall to the ground.  Any trees that have not started turning color yet will dry up green.  There are... Read More

Outside Plants – Inside

If you can’t bear to part with your outside plants, there is hope!  The plants listed below will not survive outside during Colorado’s winter weather.  But with a little care, can be nurtured inside and then place back outside next year: Begonia, Bougainvilla, Citrus, Coleus, Ficus, Gardenia, Geranium, Hibiscus, Impatiens, Mandevilla, Passion Flower, Pentas, Rosemary Location Many gardeners know that heartbreaking feeling that comes with... Read More

Fall & Winter Garden & Landscape Tips

Lawns Hand rake lawns to remove leaves and encourage air movement in roots. Top dress with uneven spots with top soil and/or peat moss. Reseed bare spots. Aerate lawn with a minimum of 2” plugs (not too dry). Leave plugs on top of lawn. Apply Fertilome Winterizer 1 lb. of high nitrogen fertilizer per 1,000 sq ft. of turf. Water in well. Planting Beds Remove... Read More

Trends in Houseplants for 2023

At Creek Side Gardens, we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest trends in indoor plants.  As the fall season approaches, we’ve noticed a growing interest in certain categories of houseplants that sell consistently here at Creek Side. First, the top 5 (Tried and True) Philodendron Monstera or also known as ‘Swiss Cheese’ plant – Its iconic split leaves and tropical feel... Read More