Perfect Pansy Planting Weather

All seasoned Rocky Mountain gardeners know the nice spring weather is never going to last through April. It’s amazing how nice and warm the days get, even the nighttime lows aren’t that bad.  And then it happens, cold and snow return.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow in March and April and send sunny skies in May! Greenhouse Planting Working in the... Read More

Vegetable Garden Planning

Vegetables can be demanding plants. Whereas ‘weeds’ can scratch a living anywhere, vegetables require attention. Most need fertile soil, protection from wind, regular watering, and some help to defend themselves against pests. You cannot simply dig a hole in the ground, plant your veg, and expect it to thrive.  A little planning before planting your vegetable garden will go a long way in helping to... Read More

4 Steps to Lawn Care – All Year Long

Spring is the time to get your lawn ready for another season. Creek Side Gardens promotes the Fertilome® – 4-Step Lawn Care Program with the premise that regular fertilization, along with aeration, good mowing and watering practices, is key to maintaining a strong, healthy lawn. A healthy lawn is more resistant to weeds and disease problems.     Step 1 – For All Seasons II –... Read More

Greenhouse Planting Progress Report

Believe it or not, the spring season officially begins Monday March 20 and Mother Nature has kept  us primed with lots of beneficial moisture this winter.  All seasoned Rocky Mountain gardeners know the nice weather we have is going to be mixed with cold and snow for the next several weeks.  Let it snow right now and send sunny skies in April and May when... Read More

Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting seeds indoors offers an opportunity to exercise your green thumb before the warm spring weather rolls around.  If you have particular vegetable or flower varieties you love, but do not find them at the nursery, consider looking for seed and starting them yourself.  Now is the time of the year to plan that out. Starting seeds indoors now also extends your gardening season, allowing... Read More

Challenges for New to Colorado Gardeners

Gardening in Colorado can be challenging. Hot and Dry Due to the high elevation, sunlight is frequently of high intensity and the humidity generally is low. This will require more frequent water applications to your lawn, landscape and flower pots throughout the year. Poor Soils Most population centers are on heavy clay soil. These soils have poor aeration that limits root growth.  The best solution... Read More

Typical Rocky Mountain Spring

Early spring gardening in Colorado is challenging.  First it snows, then the sun comes out to warm things up and we get excited…then it snows again.  Typical Rocky Mountain Spring.  But what does that mean? For all of you that have lived in this area for some time, you know this is normal.  Our landscape plants should be fine, short of tree and branch damage... Read More

Colorado Soils, Amendments and Fertilizer

Summary at the Top Improve your garden soil for better plant root growth by adding Organic Matter Use Natures Yield Organic Compost 1-2″ deep tilled or spaded into a depth of 6-8″.  Or incorporate compost into soil at planting time – hole by hole/ plant by plant. Use Natures Yield Outdoor Planters Mix for planting in raised beds or large outdoor containers.  Annuals, perennials, vegetables... Read More

The Best Terrarium Plants

These terrarium plants are best suited for the small, confined humid environment that is unique to a closed-in terrarium. You can make incredible displays using a wide variety of different containers—many of which you may already have at home. Choosing the right terrarium plants makes it easy to enjoy these spectacular houseplants without fussing over their care. Terrariums are a fun way to bring something... Read More

Get Your Spring On

March 21st is officially Spring!  Here at Creek Side Gardens, we want you to be ready to get your gardens, patio pots, vegetable gardens and landscaping up to speed.  Not only do we have our usual varieties of products and supplies but this year we are proud to offer some new product lines. New products essential for your 2023 gardening season Preen – Early season weed preventor – A... Read More