Garden Plans in August

August Garden Planning You might think that we have lost our minds but…now is the perfect time in the season to begin planning your garden and landscape for next year.  Look at your garden.  What do you see?  Look at the neighborhood landscapes including roadway medians and business landscapes.  What do you see?  Plus consider this, every day that you walk through the garden or... Read More

Summer Pollinator Garden Care Tips

As the heat of the summer carries on everyone seems to scatter to a local pool or vacation away from home.  Remembering that the heat of summer is also tough on our pollinators who visit our gardens daily.  We can keep them coming to feast as long as we provide clean feeders and a must, WATER! Hummingbird Feeder Care – The best choices to feed... Read More

Got Bugs?

Now is the time that pest and/ or disease problems are showing up.  Keep an eye open for insects on the tips of branches or flower buds, or signs of chewing on the leaves or flowers.  Put your thumb on the end of your hose and blast them off as an initial remedy. Consult you Green Team experts for treatment recommendations. Japanese Beetles & Control... Read More

July Flower Care Tips

Hot Weather Tips When temperatures are over 90 degrees, check flowers twice daily for water, in the morning and again in the evening.  Some pots/beds may require additional water applications to fight the heat. Don’t get caught over-watering when temps cool down again. Flowers that may be struggling in the heat should be moved to a protected location to take off the stress.  When it cools down, move... Read More

Grown Fresh Mid Season Perennials

July is a great month for mid-season perennial color.  Many plants are in flower or getting ready to flower!  Identify a “green” area in your garden now.  Keep your eyes open around your neighborhood landscape for what you like.  Then come into the nursery to check out our big assortment of Grown Fresh perennials and get planting!! Currently blooming alongside the Creek Side Perennial Pathway: Coreopsis... Read More

Fresh Summer Color

Creek Side summer annual flower selections are some of the most heat tolerant varieties available for Colorado gardening.  And they are grown in larger pots to help create Instant Color on your porch and patio.  These selections will look their best all summer long.  So, you may notice a little different look and feel in the courtyard than the traditional spring and summer annuals.  Another... Read More

Trimming Summer Perennials

Many of your perennial plants would benefit from a little bit of maintenance, especially at this time of year. Deadheading, shearing or cutback of certain perennials in early summer is helpful in refreshing tired foliage and encouraging rebloom of spring and early summer bloomers. You may notice that many of the plants listed appear on both lists.  Begin the season with deadheading and move over... Read More

More Hot Weather Tips

When the temperature goes over 90 degrees; an extra dose of love and care will help keep your flowers flourishing throughout the summer. Check flowers twice daily for water, once in the morning and again in the evening.  Some pots/beds may require additional water applications to fight the heat. Apply enough water so that the water is coming out the bottom of container, especially hanging... Read More

Attracting Birds to the Landscape

The best way to attract birds to your landscape is to provide food, water, and shelter from our strong winds. Consider planting trees, shrubs and perennial flowers that will create some shelter and provide food for our feathered friends. Bird-Friendly landscaping tips would include some of the same tips we suggest in creating a pleasing landscape design for people as well.  Include drought-tolerant plants that... Read More

June is National Rose Month

If you love roses, Colorado provides a great growing climate so be sure to include them on your garden list.  Because there are so many different types, there are roses to fill nearly every gardeners growing needs. Types of Roses Don’t be confused about all the types available.  The main thing is to find a color you like.  Then check the general height for that... Read More