I Want S’More!

August 10th – It may not be the most historically important date, but it sure is a tasty one. “S’MORES,” named as such because everyone who enjoys the ooey, gooey snack asks for “some more.” S’mores have been around since the 19th century, and they’re everyone’s favorite camping staple. They are easy to assemble and they are made from inexpensive ingredients, so there’s no wondering... Read More

Timely August Garden Tips

Number one August assignment is to sit back, relax and enjoy your summer garden in all its glory!  Invite friends and neighbors over to show off and celebrate all your hard work! If you can’t sit back and relax…there is plenty to do…. Consider seeding a fall crop of lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, beets, peas etc. Basil and cilantro may also be sown now as... Read More

Hardy Hibiscus and Hydrangeas

Creek Side plants large bare roots to get the hardy hibiscus crop going in late April.  At the same time, we plant starter hydrangea plants that have been conditioned to take off and flower this year.  Superior plant genetics from Proven Winner on both plant selections helps us to grow large hibiscus and hydrangea bushes that are extremely hardy in Colorado gardens.  Or set the... Read More


There is an old saying, “Stop, and smell the roses.” It’s a reminder to slow down and take a moment to breathe in the aroma of something beautiful.  If you are not in close proximity to a rose garden, this can be a challenge.  A similar experience to slowing down is to lie back and watch the clouds.  The summertime sky  in Colorado produces an... Read More

Creek Side Community Events

Creek Side Gardens, your community greenhouse, garden center and nursery is where we come together to enrich each other’s lives. Whether we are preparing for a new season, during a busy growing season or just contemplating how and why it is that flowers and plants add so much to our lives, we realize that real joy is simply being connected in the Creek Side community.... Read More

Benefits of Lavender

Celebrate the versatility of lavender by using this plant to its fullest. The benefits of lavender start in the garden, as a wonderful Colorado perennial garden plant.  But you can enjoy lavender benefits indoors, too. Lavender offers many uses in the home, from scenting linens, to seasoning foods, to creating a luxurious bath. Lavender is an herb native to northern Africa and the mountainous regions of the... Read More

Tomatoes & Hot Weather Tips

How are your tomatoes growing? Now is the time to apply Fertilome Tomato & Pepper Set to help promote flowering, increase blossom set and increase fruit yield.  It is a natural plant hormone that provides Biological Grow Power when applied to flowers and adjacent foliage. Problems with Blossom End Rot?  The dark grey, black-sunken area on the blossom end of tomatoes.  Keep the soil moisture... Read More

Old Time Emojis

It is unclear exactly when “Hobo” first appeared on the American railroading scene. With the end of the American Civil War in the 1860s, many discharged veterans returning home began hopping freight trains. Others looking for work and no prospects at home followed the railways west aboard freight trains in the late 19th century to try their luck elsewhere. The origin of the word, Hobo, according... Read More

Mid Summer Garden Tips

Japanese beetles are here!  They can be very damaging to plants.  Adults feed on leaves, buds and flowers of many common garden and landscape plants.  On leaves feeding is usually restricted to the softer tissues between the larger leaf veins, which results in a characteristic feeding pattern known and described as ‘skeletonizing’.  More generalized ragged feeding occurs on softer tissues, notably flower petals; rose flowers... Read More

More Fresh Summer Flowers

Creek Side is currently featuring a group of summer flowering shrubs that are just beginning to bloom.  These shrubs are suitable for planting in your landscape right now to fill in a little summer color. Or think outside the box, how about enjoying a blooming shrub on your patio this summer?  Care for it just like you would your mixed pots of summer flowering annuals. ... Read More