Colorado Free Days 2018!

Take advantage of the 2018 Colorado Free Days coming up at our local attractions.  Because we all contribute to these organizations through our cultural facilities sales tax, free days are offered periodically throughout the year.  Following is a list of Free Days this spring.   Children’s Museum – 4-8pm – Mar. 6, Apr. 3, May 1, June 5, July 3, Aug. 7, Sep. 4, Oct.... Read More

It’s Getting Exciting!

Around Creek Side, we know Springtime is really on the way, when the Green Team has spent the last two weeks planting in the Greenhouse.  The Greenhouse planting will continue every week from now through April as we create our beautiful combinations of colorful annual flowers and garden perennials. Not only are we planting but, serious re-decorating is taking place in the Gift Shop and... Read More

Great Backyard Bird Count 2018

“Byrdes of on kynde and color flok and flye allwayes together.”    SAY WHAT? Translated from Old English, “Birds of the same kind and color flock and fly always together.” Since the mid-16th century this flighty proverb has been used literally and figuratively. Literally, birds of a single species often form flocks. For our feathered friends,  this behavior is a survival instinct used to ward... Read More

Another Busy Off-Season

Most of our Color Your Life eNews readers probably think the Green Team has been spending this break time on a far off warm, sandy beach.  Resting up from the hustle and bustle of operating a full-service garden center through all the seasons that Mother Nature has to offer.  No doubt, we deserve it!  But not the case, as we are a dedicated bunch with... Read More

Garden to Table

Living in Colorado has many benefits. We experience plentiful sunshine, four distinct seasons, varied outdoor landscapes from the Plains to the Rocky Mountains and down to the desert in the Four Corners region. The unique topography allows for interesting growing conditions which can  provide fruits and vegetables nearly year round – with a little research, building, and planning. The farmers of our state have realized... Read More

What’s Happening at Creek Side?

It’s been a quiet break at Creek Side Gardens the past few weeks.  The Green Team is taking it easy, resting up from a terrific 2017 season and re-charging the batteries for the upcoming fun ahead in 2018!  But beneath the quiet is the gentle rumbling of springtime planning, supply deliveries, greenhouse maintenance and a little crop work.  Plus, somebody must be here every day... Read More

How to Slow Down a Harried World

The harried pace of the holiday season is behind us, for now.  Time to take a deep breath and face 2018 head on! A new year, a new outlook, some unresolved resolutions on the horizon? The “To Do List” looms large and we are barely two weeks into January.  What if this year we all resolve to keep it simple.  Take a moment and commit... Read More

Hansel & Gretel and Their Tasty Home

Gingerbread has been a part of culinary tradition dating back to the Roman Empire.  Many cultures have similar versions known as “spice cake,” and “pepper cake.”  This holiday treat can be made in two forms; soft or hard.  The soft recipe is more ‘cake-like’ and good for slicing.  The other form-hard and crispy, allows for shaping and decorating with sweets and icing.  Historically, the first... Read More

Let Us Go Back

Let us go back to the beauties That are pocketed deep in our past, They joys we relinquished with childhood But which hauntingly linger and last! Let us return to the Christmas That remains with the children of time — The Christmas of wonderful wishes, Of stardust, and snowdrift, and chime! Let us go back to the vision Of evergreen peace in our rooms, Pretty... Read More

Pease Porridge Hot

Pease porridge hot, Pease porridge cold, Pease porridge in the pot, Nine days old. by Mother Goose Porridge?or Oatmeal? Traditionally, ‘Porridge’ consists of any type of crushed grain such as wheat, rice, barley or legumes (hence, the ‘pease’) and boiling them in milk or water until thick.  ‘Oatmeal’ is made from the crushed, rolled, cut or coarsely ground seed head or ‘oat’ and then boiled... Read More