A Winter Walk – Do You See What I See?

Winter in Colorado may seem dull and lack luster of any color.  The days are short and we long for the first signs of spring.  But winter has its own charm and if you look close enough you might be surprised what you see.  Grab a camera and take a stroll along the river side or greenbelt or foothills and see the beauty of winter.... Read More

Gift Suggestions 2020

Visit Creek Side this week for terrific holiday gifts.  The Indoor Living Holiday Gift and Décor Boutique and Glasshouse Conservatory are over-flowing with fun, unique and thoughtful gifts that are sure to make your gift recipient happy! Holiday Dish Towels Holiday dish towels always brighten up the kitchen as they hang about during the holiday season.  They are fun to show off when company comes... Read More

Holiday Wreath Making Instructions

View Our Holiday Wreath Making Video Here: Materials: 1 – 14” Diameter 2-Ring Metal Wreath Form 1 – 24-gauge Floral Paddle Wire (16’ length) Assorted Evergreen Branches 3 – Pre-Wired Pinecones 1 – Decorative Bow Instruction Sheet (video link available on www.plantsbycreekside.com) Tools: Pair of By-Pass Pruners or Sturdy Kitchen Shears Ruler or Measuring Tape Pair of Garden Gloves Container(s) for water to keep greens... Read More

Small Business Saturday 2020

This Nov 28 Small Business Saturday®, which means it is almost time to celebrate with your favorite small businesses — like (hint, hint) the one sending you this email. The holidays might look a little different this year, but we are excited to share this holiday season with our customers. And especially this year, we’re happy to offer extra assistance to help you #ShopSmall safely.... Read More

How to Make Your Own Terrarium

Creek Side Garden Terrarium Kits include all the materials needed to construct a terrarium except plants.  Terrariums plants of your choice are available and sold separately. Materials Needed: clear glass or plastic container (kitchen canister, jar, fishbowl or tank, etc., and lid), clean and dry pea gravel or polished rocks activated charcoal sphagnum moss small, slow-growing plants that tolerate low light and have similar water... Read More

Holiday Hostess with the Most-ess -Creek Side Style

Everyone has a friend or family member that enjoys entertaining.  Especially during the holiday season, the laughter, music, food, and drink are a welcome addition to our stressful lives.  What a wonderful custom it is to honor the hostess with a gift of gratitude.  Consider Creek Side as a great location to find a thoughtful, unique hostess gift chosen from our large selection.  Visit today... Read More

Houseplant Succulent Care

A succulent is a fleshy-leafed plant that is tolerant of drought due to the retention of extra water in the leaves or stems.  Succulent plant varieties include: Sedum Sempervivum Echeveria Aeonium Crassula Aloe Haworthia Cacti In general, the term “succulents” is used to categorize plants that have fleshy parts and a similar need for some water, bright light, and a tolerance of drought. While there... Read More

How to Overwinter Herbs

Homegrown herbs are wonderful to have on hand for culinary purposes, natural beauty recipes, and for their natural healing properties. Just because the cold season is beginning does not mean that you have to say goodbye to your herb garden.  Many herbs can overwinter outdoors if cared for properly. Some hardy herbs do well outdoors in all seasons. For these plants, you can leave them... Read More

A Change of Season – Creek Side Style!

Holiday Gifts and Décor Months ago, we were thinking about the upcoming holiday season at Creek Side.  Holiday gifts, candles, towels, jewelry and so much more begins to arrive in July.  All is tucked away until late September when our boutique area becomes a staging ground for all our treasures.  With the wall curtained off, the excitement builds for our customers just waiting for the... Read More

Fall Hummingbird Migration

The arrival of hummingbirds in the spring marks a milestone for many of us. But, after the summer nesting season, where do they go? Let us have a look at the fall hummingbird migration and see what these tiny, endearing birds are up to. Hummingbirds are found in the Americas all the way from Alaska to the southern tip of South America, and the Caribbean... Read More