Plants and Flowers

Plant Nursery

Greenhouse 4 March 2014As your year-round community greenhouse, garden center and nursery, growing our own plants and flowers for you to choose from is one of the very best ways we bring color to your life! Because we have our own greenhouses, the vast majority of all the plants and flowers you see when you come to visit have been grown right on site in our own plant nursery. Your Creek Side plant nursery professionals, the Green Team, carefully plant, care for and nurture the plants and flowers to help make them the most beautiful that they can be.

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greenhouse4 H2 2015Our warm and dry Colorado growing conditions require plants that will withstand those conditions and still thrive. Because we choose all the varieties we grow, we make sure they do. Every annual flower variety and every combination of colors in our container gardens and hanging baskets are carefully chosen for the best performance for Colorado gardeners. Every perennial variety has been chosen for color, height, bloom time and then started early in our flower nursery so that it is nice and hardy to help ensure gardening success. Herb and vegetable starter plants are planted from seed in our nice, warm greenhouses weeks before Mother Nature is ready so that the timing for planting into your garden is just right. Our roses love the Colorado growing climate because they were grown right here. Our shrub and tree selection represents the traditional landscape choices plus xeriscape options for gardeners interested in reducing water consumption.

Creekside-0109We encourage you to visit our greenhouses to take a look at what is going on and what is coming up. Whenever a little spring fever takes hold, a visit to Creek Side Gardens is just the right thing to do. When you visit, you will see and feel the difference of a plant nursery run by a team that has passion in all we do including growing plants and flowers.

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