Rose Bushes

roses 7-15-14Growing roses in the garden is arguably one of the most popular gardening flowers. Rose bushes will grow well in most urban and suburban areas of Colorado provided they are given adequate sunshine (at least 6-8 hours) and are irrigated regularly. Creek Side Gardens offers more than 60 varieties in shades of red, pink, purple, white, yellow, orange, peach and bicolors, grown right here in Colorado.

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rose2 6-11-14Rose bushes generally fall into one of the following types: hybrid tea, grandiflora, floribunda, miniature, climbing and shrub. The most popular types are the classic hybrid tea and grandiflora which produce many blooms for enjoyment in the garden or may be cut and enjoyed in a vase in your home. The all-purpose floribunda has become more popular recently especially because it may be a little more winter hardy and disease tolerant. The long arching canes belong to the climbers which can reach as tall as 8′-10′ and require support on a fence or trellis. The versatile shrub rose is typically very hardy and will grow large enough to create a shrub-like form in the landscape. Miniature roses are excellent choices for small spaces or even growing in a container. These beautiful plants are easy to care for and will bloom non-stop all season long.

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roses 5-23-13Creek Side features rose varieties from the very best rose breeders in the country in order to provideĀ our customers with superior quality and a large-sized plant. Rose bushes provide years of home landscape beauty when properly selected and maintained. Our Green Team Members will assist you by providing the cultural requirements, aesthetics and functionality of each rose variety we carry in our nursery. Fresh, new, containerized rose bushes are available every spring at Creek Side Gardens, including many of the new varieties for the current season, as well as some of the old classics.

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