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Summer & Fall Classes Coming Up!

FREE Mid-Summer Flower Care Demo – Saturday, June 29th at 10AM

Join us for a fun, informative hands-on demonstration of summer flower care. How to keep flowers looking fresh all summer. Don’t be afraid…we’re going get out the shears… Dead-heading – Pinching – Pruning – Trimming to promote more flowers all season and a pleasing shape for your containers and gardens.  Flowers are tough and will appreciate your attention!  Annual Hanging baskets & Container Gardens. Perennials in the garden.  Not to mention keeping up with watering on these hot summer days!

Stop by Creek Side to visit with our Green Team staff to help to answer your questions.





‘SPRING’ into Action for 2024

Houseplants 101 Class – Saturday, February 17th 10:00am – and REOPENING WEEKEND!

In this informative class we will discuss fertilizer basics – indoor pest control – do’s and don’ts of pruning – how and when to ‘bump up’ to a bigger pot – the top 10 indoor plants to oxygenate your air.

Having houseplant problems?  Stop in to discuss your concerns and a Green Team member will help you.  Don’t forget to bring some pictures!

Houseplant Cuttings & Propagation – Saturday, February 24th 10:00am 

Learn how to properly cut a plant for propagating and/or just to cut back the plant.  Propagation techniques, containers or direct into soil and using a rooting hormone.

Seeds & Seed Propagation – Saturday, March 2nd 10:00am 

Get the facts about seed germination, seedling care, reading seed packs, choosing varieties, and using grow lights. Consider a wildflower garden or cutting garden. Growing your own herbs, vegetables and flowers from seed is fun and economical. Timing is everything.

We will demonstrate how to plant seeds at proper depths and properly water the seeds for successful germination.

Planning for Xeriscape – Saturday, March 9th 10:00am 

Xeriscape doesn’t have to mean ‘ZERO’scape. Spring into action and start planning now for this seasons garden.  Learn about varieties and ‘Plant Select’ perennials. Establishing a xeric garden for minimal water use, know your microclimates and zones for our Colorado gardens.  How to get started, soil preparation, design, plant selection.

Cool Weather Gardening – Saturday, March 16th  10:00am 

Plant Potato, Onion and Garlic bulbs now!  Kale, Spinach, Lettuce, Snap Peas and more are all cool weather vegetables and can be started from seed soon. Learn the best way to sow seeds whether indoors or directly outside.




Cool Weather Weed Control – Saturday, March 23rd 10:00am 

Some weeds are tougher than others and will start to pop up in March. Learn about pre-emergent herbicides to help control weeds in your lawn and garden beds.



Create a hanging basket using flower plugs – Saturday, March 30th Workshop – 1:00pm – $50.00 Fee

Here at Creek Side all our hanging baskets and patio pots start with a ‘plug’ now is your chance to do one too! Once planted, we will water, fertilize and watch them grow until you pick them up.  Class limited to 20 people 



Improve Soil Health and Composting Basics – Prep is Key! – Saturday, April 6th 10:00am 

We will discuss soil types, compost, mulch and beneficial additives to your soil. How to build a compost pile.  Add organic materials to encourage beneficial microbes that encourage healthy plant growth.



Summer Flower Bulbs – Saturday, April 13th 10:00am 

Dahlias, Gladiolas, and Lilies are just a few bulbs you can plant for summer color. Get an early start planting in containers or plant directly into the garden bed.

Celebrate Earth Day! – Saturday, April 20th 
  • Herb Garden Workshop 10:00am – $20.00 Fresh herbs make any meal better. Create your own herb garden to take home and have fresh herbs anytime.

What else to expect:

Container Garden Demonstrations – learn our Creek Side style with thrillers, fillers & spillers. 11:00am and 1:00pm

  • Greenhouse Tours with a Green Team member.
  • Earth Day coloring sheet for kids
  • Cool weather annuals, perennials, houseplants – ready for sale!




Gardening classes and workshops offered by Creek Side Gardens are the perfect opportunity for us to share and learn more about the wonderful world of plants, flowers, gardening and how to manage it all. Growing flowers and plants is a real blend of science and artistic expression. Sometimes we have the feeling for what we want to do, but don’t know how to go about it. Sometimes we have a technical plan but are just not sure how to put it all together in a creative way. Sometimes we don’t even know what we don’t know. These are the times to visit Creek Side Gardens and attend our free gardening classes and gardening workshops. Our Green Team of gardening experts, designers, plants-people and friendly folks are dedicated to helping you put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Creek Side classes and workshops offer instruction and inspire you to further your plant and gardening capabilities. Green Team members host the classes and cover that day’s topic in an open, informal manner that allows the attendees to ask questions and share their experiences with the instructor and other attendees. This way everybody has an opportunity to learn something new. Even those of us who have been gardening and growing plants for a long time know every day there is always something new to learn. And we learn the best way from one another.

Let us add color to your life. Call 303-933-8493 or contact us online.

We understand everybody has busy lives, busy schedules and it is sometimes difficult to find time to do everything we want to do. But, if you are interested in learning and sharing just a little more about your gardening experiences, take a Saturday morning hour, grab a coffee and come on over to the place where inspiration grows. You’ll find the Creek Side gardening classes and gardening workshops are easy, fun and worth your time. Check out our workshop calendar for what topics are coming up next.

Need inspiration? Call today at 303-933-8493 or contact us online.