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Houseplant Class – Saturday, Feb. 26th – 10:00am – NO FEE

Our kickoff workshop for the 2022 season.  Come in and learn all about indoor plant care and finding the right plant for the right location.  We will cover all the basics in detail including light levels, temperature, water and fertilizer.  February is a great time to do this as winter keeps us and our plants indoors.

Houseplant Clinic – Saturday, Mar. 5th – 10:00am – NO FEE

Hands on clinic to learn about pinching, pruning and re-potting.  Bring in a plant that may need some help or you would like to receive advice about.  Or bring in photos, we will help you be successful with your houseplants!

2022 SPRING SERIES – Get Your Garden Ready!

This spring we have put together an exciting 5-part series of classes to assist you in getting all aspects of your garden ready for the 2022 growing season.  All classes are informative and at no charge.  Please register for 1 or as many as you like.  Be sure to indicate which class(es) you want to attend.

#1 – Garden Clean-Up & Preparation – Saturday, March 12th – 10:00am – NO FEE

Time to clean out all the 2021 debris and see what is coming up.  Plant ID, compost/mulch, manage early weeds, start a 2022 journal, spring bulbs, trimming and pruning, watering and more.

#2 – Perennials (Part 1) – Saturday, March 19th – 10:00am– NO FEE

Starting a new perennial garden? Consider what type of garden you would like. Learn how to make a design and layout. Know your micro-climates (ie: hot/dry, shade, etc) and use them to your advantage.

#3 – Perennials (Part 2) – Saturday, March 26th – 10:00am– NO FEE

Now you have a plan it is time to think about what you want to plant.  Native plants, rock gardens, pollinating plants, ornamental grasses and xeriscaping.


#4 – Vegetables – Saturday, April 2nd – 10:00am – NO FEE

Vegetable gardening can start in April with cool crops.  Seed starting, cold frames, root vegetables, and herbs.  Raised beds/container gardens, organics, pest control, general care of your vegetable garden (fertilizing, water, harvesting, etc.)

#5 – Roses & Peonies – Saturday, April 9th – 10:00am – NO FEE

Roses are timeless and true.  Peonies sentimental favorite.  Proper care will help ensure a beautiful crop this season.  General care, early beetle control options, pruning, fertilizing and variety types (shrub, climbers, hybrids, etc.)

BONUS CLASS- Container Garden Demonstration – Saturday, April 16th – 10:00am – NO FEE

Learn how to use the thriller, filler, spiller design technique that Creek Side uses to create beautiful container gardens or hanging baskets for your porch and patio.

Safe Gathering Practices

We want all attendees and Creek Side staff members to remain safe and healthy. Which is why we recommend wearing a mask and are requiring any non-vaccinated attendees to wear a mask. Masks will be provided should anyone need one when attending this meeting. If you are not feeling well the day of the class or before the class, we ask that you please not attend in person. We are planning for social distancing by organizing attendees in small groups and safely distancing during the class.  Please use your best judgement when planning to attend this event. By registering and attending this event, you hold Creek Side Gardens harmless.


Gardening classes and workshops offered by Creek Side Gardens are the perfect opportunity for us to share and learn more about the wonderful world of plants, flowers, gardening and how to manage it all. Growing flowers and plants is a real blend of science and artistic expression. Sometimes we have the feeling for what we want to do, but don’t know how to go about it. Sometimes we have a technical plan but are just not sure how to put it all together in a creative way. Sometimes we don’t even know what we don’t know. These are the times to visit Creek Side Gardens and attend our free gardening classes and gardening workshops. Our Green Team of gardening experts, designers, plants-people and friendly folks are dedicated to helping you put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Creek Side classes and workshops offer instruction and inspire you to further your plant and gardening capabilities. Green Team members host the classes and cover that day’s topic in an open, informal manner that allows the attendees to ask questions and share their experiences with the instructor and other attendees. This way everybody has an opportunity to learn something new. Even those of us who have been gardening and growing plants for a long time know every day there is always something new to learn. And we learn the best way from one another.

Let us add color to your life. Call 303-933-8493 or contact us online.

We understand everybody has busy lives, busy schedules and it is sometimes difficult to find time to do everything we want to do. But, if you are interested in learning and sharing just a little more about your gardening experiences, take a Saturday morning hour, grab a coffee and come on over to the place where inspiration grows. You’ll find the Creek Side gardening classes and gardening workshops are easy, fun and worth your time. Check out our workshop calendar for what topics are coming up next.

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