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‘Planting the Seed’ for 2023

Saturday, February 25th – Houseplants 101 – 10:00AM – NO FEE

(Optional Workshop to follow)

While we wait for the snow to melt and the garden to thaw, it’s a great time to get to catch up on our houseplants.

In this class we will discuss; fertilizer basics – indoor pest control – do’s and don’ts of houseplant pruning – when and how to re-pot a houseplant.

You will also receive information on houseplants that oxygenate the air and houseplants that are safe for pets.

Workshop (FEE) – Terrarium Garden

– plant your own terrarium garden includes glass bowl, soil, decorative stones and pebbles, terrarium plants.

Saturday, March 4th – Soils & Fertilizers – 10:00AM – NO FEE

This informative class will teach the difference between soil and dirt, compost, and mulch.  Soil improvement techniques including a ‘No-Dig Garden’.

Fertilizers – so many options from synthetics to organics. How to properly use to grow the best gardens, hanging baskets, vegetables and more.

Saturday, March 11th – Seeds and Seed Starting Indoors – 10:00AM – NO FEE

(Optional Workshop to follow)

Planting the Seed for 2023 continues in this informative seed class.  Add seed starting to your upcoming season plan by growing your herbs, vegetables, and flowers from seed. Not only is it economical it is fun! Get the facts about seed germination and seedling care. how to read a seed packet, choosing varieties, lighting, and heating needs. Receive a FREE Garden Journal!

Workshop (FEE) – Seed bombs

— Get dirty creating some fun seed bombs to put in your garden this year

Saturday, March 18th – Successful Vegetable Gardening – 10:00AM – NO FEE

Grow your own food this season for economic sustainability and fun!  Grow what you like.  Learn about different varieties, companion plants, seeds vs starter plants, cool season vs warm season plants, raised beds, organic gardening, pest control, weed control and more.

Saturday, March 25th – Urban and Small Space Gardening – 10:00AM – NO FEE

More and more people are downsizing their gardens.  In this class you will learn about gardening in smaller spaces and/or an urban setting.  Vegetable gardening; patio and ‘bush’ type varieties or hanging basket vegetables.  Flowers for small spaces.  What containers to use? Raised beds, Earth Boxes, or patio pots.

Saturday, April 1st – Xeriscape is not ZEROscape – 10:00AM – NO FEE

This class will break down the basics the myths and truths of xeriscape gardening.  Learn about ‘true native’ plants, nativars and xeric (waterwise) plants including ‘Plant Select’ plants for Colorado.  Learn about watering do’s and don’t for successful xeriscape landscaping.

Saturday, April 15th – Planting Summer Flower and Vegetable Bulbs – 10:00AM – NO FEE

(Optional Workshop to follow)

Learn how to plant potatoes and onions now.  Get an early start by planting Dahlias and Lilies in containers inside for planting into outdoor containers or to plant directly into the garden bed.

— Workshop (FEE) – Plant a summer bulb includes; Dahlia or Lily, soil, 6” pot, instruction 

Saturday, April 22nd – Earth Day! – Open House & Greenhouse Tours – NO FEE

Stop into Creek Side Gardens and see what is new for the 2023 season.  It’s also EARTH DAY!  Learn ways to help our environment.

  • Creek Side Gardens ‘Thriller, Filler, Spiller’ Container Garden Demonstration
  • Cool Season Gardening information – now is the time for early crops vegetables AND flowers
  • Industry speakers will be on hand to assist you with fertilizer information (subject to change)
  • Tour the greenhouses! We are very proud to be a grower and enjoy showing off our beautiful patio pots and hanging baskets.



Gardening classes and workshops offered by Creek Side Gardens are the perfect opportunity for us to share and learn more about the wonderful world of plants, flowers, gardening and how to manage it all. Growing flowers and plants is a real blend of science and artistic expression. Sometimes we have the feeling for what we want to do, but don’t know how to go about it. Sometimes we have a technical plan but are just not sure how to put it all together in a creative way. Sometimes we don’t even know what we don’t know. These are the times to visit Creek Side Gardens and attend our free gardening classes and gardening workshops. Our Green Team of gardening experts, designers, plants-people and friendly folks are dedicated to helping you put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Creek Side classes and workshops offer instruction and inspire you to further your plant and gardening capabilities. Green Team members host the classes and cover that day’s topic in an open, informal manner that allows the attendees to ask questions and share their experiences with the instructor and other attendees. This way everybody has an opportunity to learn something new. Even those of us who have been gardening and growing plants for a long time know every day there is always something new to learn. And we learn the best way from one another.

Let us add color to your life. Call 303-933-8493 or contact us online.

We understand everybody has busy lives, busy schedules and it is sometimes difficult to find time to do everything we want to do. But, if you are interested in learning and sharing just a little more about your gardening experiences, take a Saturday morning hour, grab a coffee and come on over to the place where inspiration grows. You’ll find the Creek Side gardening classes and gardening workshops are easy, fun and worth your time. Check out our workshop calendar for what topics are coming up next.

Need inspiration? Call today at 303-933-8493 or contact us online.