A Few of my Favorite Things

This is a familiar lyric heard on the radio during the Christmas season made popular by Julie Andrews.  In the movie, Sound of Music she sings to the Captain’s frightened children to calm them down during a storm.  Music indeed soothes the soul. Another favorite this time of the year are Christmas stories shared.  They connect one generation to the next. Many have themes including hope, waiting, longing, and a wish for a dream to come true.  Here is a short excerpt from a delightful story about a tree longing to be tall despite its small stature.

The Littlest Christmas Tree by Thornton W. Burgess,  1954

The Littlest Christmas Tree sighed.  It was a soft, wistful sigh but, soft as it was, two pairs of long ears heard it.  Peter Rabbit and his cousin, Jumper the Hare, were sitting under the green spreading branches of the Littlest Christmas Tree.  They were so still the little tree had forgotten they were there. The little tree began to whisper to itself. “I wish…” whispered the Littlest Christmas Tree.  Then it stopped to sigh, that same wistful little sigh. “What do you wish?” asked Peter Rabbit, his long ears standing straight up.

“I wish I were tall,” sighed the littletest tree.” I wish I were the tallest tree in all the Green Forest.” “Why?” asked Jumper the Hare. His long white ears with black tips also stood up.  Curiosity often makes ears stand up-too often. “So I could look down and see everything everywhere,” replied the Littlest Christmas Tree, and sighed again.

“Silly!, cried Peter Rabbit, laying his long ears back along his shoulders and settling himself comfortably. “Silly! What good would it do you to see everything everywhere?”\

Christmas is a season to be filled with the wonder and awe of a child.  Just as this endearing story of talking animals and trees delights a younger audience, it also touches the heart of those not so young, but young at heart! Your Favorite Things at Christmas may be song and dance, sumptuous holiday treats, making time with friends and family, or pulling a traditional story of old from the bookshelf.  And not to give away the ending, the tree’s wish comes to light in a unique way. Make this a special time to rekindle those Favorite Things and share them with those around you. Where there is hope, wishes still come true!