A Good Support System

Everyone needs support in their lives and so do your plants.  As your perennials, vegetables, vines, and roses begin to grow, you will realize very quickly that they will need support which will help your plants reach their full potential and improve the appearance of your garden.  Here at Creek Side Gardens, we have several different types of support for all different types of plants.


A tall decorative metal trellis is perfect for climbing vines such as Clematis, Honeysuckle, Climbing Roses, Grape and more.  Take your support system to the next level and plant the vines on the outside of an arbor, training the vine to go up and over creating a dramatic entrance to a garden area.


Many perennials need solid staking support or a ‘grid’.  A grid support can hold multiple stems such as delphiniums, hollyhocks, Maltese cross.  Peonies also need a ‘cage’ to hold up those big, beautiful flowers.  Place your support early when the plant is still young.  As the plant grows, you can train it to go through the support without breaking it.


Tomatoes and pole beans are notorious for needing support.  Round tomato cages are the most popular, but a square Tomato Tower would also work well.  Straight bamboo stakes also work great with ‘plant clips’.  Pole beans, peas and other vining vegetables prefer a trellis type support system with plant tape or wire, this way they can hang on as they start to produce vegetables.

Obelisks and Pot Trellis’

Try a container size trellis or an obelisk.  An obelisk in a pot is perfect for a climbing tropical such as a Mandeville or even a Thunbergia (Black Eye Susan Vine).

Support for Baskets and Pots

Plant supports also includes a decorative plant stand for your baskets and pots.  We have many iron stands in various sizes.  Need some mobility support for that HEAVY pot?  Plant support caddies are the way to go.  Strong to hold heavy weight with wheels to move around your patio with ease.

We all need that little extra support and when you need it, we will have it.

Creek Side Gardens Green Team is here to SUPPORT YOU!