A Holiday of Thanks

“Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.”

Elizabeth Bibesco

Hosting a gathering? New guests coming to visit?  Help them find you easier!   Whether your invite is electronic or delivered through the mail, include a map.   Mapping devices are useful…to a point and not very festive.  Welcome guests by letting them look for a “sign.” Brightly colored or shaped balloons tied to the nearest street sign or mailbox, hand-decorated poster board signs (weather-proofed!), or possibly a large, unique decor piece placed in the yard.  Remember, at night house numbers are difficult to see or read-make sure they are well lit.

As a courtesy to the neighbors, postal service or utility company, take down the signs and balloons after the party.

Once your guests arrive and the celebration has begun for young and old, it is National Game and Puzzle Week!  Set aside a couple small tables with puzzles (simple to more complex, like a 3-D puzzle)for guests to stop by to add a few pieces and have a few board game selections sitting out ready to play.  If some of the party-goers are hesitant to play, they might be the perfect scorekeeper, handing out equipment, keeping time, or assisting the host/hostess while others are playing.  Perhaps after watching all the fun, they might want to join in, too!

For the remainder of November, check these days out on your calendar and keep the fun going:

Get all the details and history behind these “memorable days,” at  www.holidayinsights.com

24   Thanksgiving – Eat, drink, and be thankful.

25   Black Friday – Friday after Thanksgiving

25   Buy Nothing Day – always the day after Thanksgiving…does anyone abide by it!?!

25   National Parfait Day

25   You’re Welcome Day – the day after Thanksgiving

26   Small Business Saturday

27   Advent begins

27   Pins and Needles Day

28   French Toast Day

28   Make Your Own Head Day

28   Red Planet Day

29   Square Dance Day

30   Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day