A New Look- A New Design- A New Class Schedule

Welcome back Creek Sider’s to the 2023 season.  With spring approaching there is a lot happening at Creek Side Gardens.  The Green Team has been busy refreshing the Gift Shop and the Glasshouse.  We think you will find some interesting and exciting changes to explore in these areas.  Not to mention a great start to the planting season in the greenhouses.  The greenhouses are always open for a visit to view what is coming up and to get the feel of an early spring.  Additionally, we are presenting our 2023 ‘PLANTING THE SEED’ class schedule.

Gift Shop

We have always referred to the gift shop as our Indoor Living space but this year, it will look more like Outdoor Living space.  We wanted to remodel the spring shop to inspire customers to ‘plus up’ their outdoor space to compliment all the flowers and landscape.  More colorful pottery, bird baths, fountains, bird houses and garden art.  Additionally, some of your favorites such as seasonal towels, candles and spring attire and jewelry.


We have changed around the displays in the glasshouse to welcome a new crop of houseplants, succulents as well as herbs.  A great collection of concrete statuary makes for great surprises in your garden peeking out amongst flowers.  The sound of running water from a fountain is so soothing.  We have large selections as well of ‘tabletop’ fountains for your small outdoor spaces.


Our theme for 2023 is ‘PLANTING THE SEED!’  Literally and figuratively. The spring class schedule is on our website starting out on Saturday, February 25th at 10:00am with Houseplant 101 with an optional Terrarium Garden workshop (FEE) to follow.

Our Free community classes are held Saturday mornings.  These are the perfect opportunity to learn a little more about whatever interests you.  The setting is very informal with class discussion, great exchange of information and experience with fellow attendees and the perfect situation to ask questions!  See Schedule Here