A Winter Picnic

You don’t need a summer day to enjoy a twist on this seasonal activity!  Look ahead in the forecast to determine if a local park close to home or a mountain park will be best suited for your Winter Picnic.  Check out the site for an open pit fireplace (and regulations) for an impromptu warm-up station and maybe a few roasted marshmallows.  As with any picnic outing, bringing the appropriate gear is key, especially with cooler weather.  Hot foods and beverages which are easy to prepare and eat will help add extra energy to all the snow fun.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

What to Wear

Think layers, think dry and warm.  Bring extra gloves and socks! No one likes wet cold feet and hands!  Colorado weather changes quickly so, be prepared with.  Toss in picnic blankets and extras for wrapping up in around the fire.

Watch the Weather

Even though you check the weather report, conditions can change quickly.  Decide the best time to head out or choose a site closer to home. Remember, the sun sets earlier in the winter and after a long day of picnicking you don’t want to get caught in the dark trying to pack up the picnic site.

What to Bring

You can leave the bug spray at home for this picnic!  Bring along supplies/toys for your favorite snow activities.  Some other items not to miss tossing in with the winter picnic gear are a camera, blankets, flashlights, facial tissue (cold weather makes noses run!), matches and dry wood, and small plastic trash bags for removing trash or for throwing wet snow gear into.

What to Eat

The best foods to consider for your winter picnic will be items prepared at home that require very little on-site assembly.  No ice filled cooler necessary! This is where a Thermos, or several, come in handy to hold chili, stew, soup, or even macaroni & cheese.  Pre-bake things like burritos, hearty steak sandwiches, baked potatoes or your favorite ‘summer’ campout food to bring along.  Wrap the items in heavy duty foil and keep in an insulated container.  Cookies, granola bars and fresh fruit add a sweetness to the meal.  Have a couple more Thermos containers close by with hot cocoa and apple cider-a cup filled with a steamy beverage warms even the chilliest of hands.