Beautiful Flowers

One of the best experiences of growing spring plants in the greenhouse, is the preview we receive when the very first annual flowers open on the newly planted container gardens and hanging baskets.  Some of the small starter plants already have flower buds when we plant them.  Others need a few weeks to settle in and grow before forming flower buds.

Every week a few more flowers open and show themselves to us.  Many are familiar, but many are brand new varieties for 2019.  So, we are especially anxious to see what they are going to look like in real life, as compared to their catalog photo.

We are also anxious to see how our newly designed combination of colors are going to blend together.  Every recipe is reviewed each year.  Old varieties are discarded and new varieties are inserted to keep the look fresh!  This is another way that Creek Side Gardens literally brings color to your life!

Next time your spring fever takes hold, stop by the greenhouses to see all the new flowers.  You too can experience the joy of discovering new, beautiful flowers for yourself.

Not only are annual flowers showing off in the nice, warm greenhouses.  But the perennials growing down by the creek in the nice, cool greenhouses are doing the same thing.  As temperatures warm up and the day length increases, Mother Nature has given them the signal to come alive and show themselves for another glorious spring season.  Also lots of signs of life in the perennial coldframes behind House 1.  Stop by to check them out yourself!

Look for he early season bloomers to begin showing off first.  Flowers like columbine, Icelandic poppies, violas, dianthus and creeping phlox.  Creek Side is offering over 350 different varieties of perennials this year.  Including over 35 Plant Select varieties and many brand new selections that we have never offered before.  It is going to be a spectacular season!