Campfire ˈkampˌfī(ə)r /  noun

an open-air fire in a camp, used for cooking and as a focal point for social activity..

‘Tis the season for camping, cookouts, backyard barbeques or just settling around a firepit with family and friends.  To make these times more memorable, take a daily routine like cooking in the kitchen and move it outdoors.  This will set the stage for some interesting and tasty dishes.  Here are some recipes which are sure to please; (recipes can be adapted for specific dietary needs)


Sausage-Tortilla Tidbits

Total Time: 25 minutes  Makes 18 pieces

3 flour tortillas (10” diameter)

2 Tbsp honey mustard

6 oz. Monterey Jack cheese with chilis

18 cooked mini-sausages (2” long ~½ lb. total)

Stack the tortillas and trim 2 opposite edges off straight to make the center section 6” wide; discard the trimmed pieces.  Cut the stack lengthwise into 2” wide strips, then cut each strip in half crosswise.  Spread mustard evenly onto 1 side of each tortilla piece.

Thinly slice cheese; arrange the slices equally on top of the mustard on each tortilla strip, patching the cheese, if needed, to cover the strip (use all the cheese). Lay a sausage across 1 end of each strip and roll the tortilla and cheese to enclose it.

Thread 3 tortilla rolls crosswise, through seam, sausage and opposite side of tortilla, onto the tines of a campfire fork or metal skewer (at least 20” long). Repeat for each portion, or reuse fork or skewer.

Hold the tortilla rolls about 4” above heat source (a campfire or an ignited gas or charcoal barbeque), and until cheese is softened and tortilla is lightly browned, about 1 minute per skewer.  Carefully pull hot Tortilla Tidbits off skewers to eat.

Main Dish:

Campfire Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Per Serving-

1 –  (4-⅜”) disposable aluminum pie pan

½ cup cooked elbow macaroni

¼ cup shredded Cheddar cheese

1 TBSP Parmesan

1 TBSP milk

½ TBSP butter

Salt and pepper to taste

12” x 16” piece of foil

Combine all the ingredients in the pan.  Seal the pan in foil (a double layer if cooking over an open flame) folding over the extra foil at the top to make a sturdy handle to poke a stick or tongs through.

Hold the packet over a campfire or set it directly on a grill to melt the cheese, about 7 minutes.  Let the pack cool briefly, then open it carefully.  Stir the mac and cheese before eating it.


Banana Split Boats

1 banana

½ cup plain or flavored mini-marshmallows

½ of a 4 oz chocolate bar (any flavor)

1 piece (enough to wrap the banana) of heavy duty aluminum foil

Cut a slit down the middle of the banana (leave the peel intact) open slightly and place the chocolate bar pieces and and mini-marshmallows inside. Wrap the foil tightly around the banana and place on the grill or hot coals for about 2-3 minutes.  Carefully unwrap the foil, contents will be hot. Add a scoop of ice cream and eat with a spoon.