Colorado Proud!

2023 Colorado Farm Fresh Directory

As a Colorado agricultural producer and grower, Creek Side Gardens is a Colorado Proud member, representing an elite group of Colorado growers promoting a vast array of agricultural products.  From flowers to fruits, vegetables to grains, cattle to chickens, Colorado growers and their families share their labor of love with Colorado consumers.

Creek Side is honored to once again be part of the directory this year.  Many customers don’t realize that Creek Side grows what we sell in our own greenhouses.  In addition to Grown Fresh flowers, we are part of the agricultural platform for Grown Fresh vegetables and herbs.

For nearly 40 years, the Colorado Farm Fresh Directory has been the go-to resource for Coloradoans looking to support their local farmers and bolster their connection to the land and the local food grown and raised in Colorado.

The directory is a comprehensive list of farmer’s markets, roadside stands, agri-activities, and events as well as wineries and restaurants.  Farm Fresh helps Colorado consumers shorten the distance between where their food is grown and where it is consumed.

By supporting local farmers, ranchers and other growers, you are helping to increase market opportunities for local growers and increasing the connection from producers to consumers and strengthening our community ties.  Check it out!

Directory also is a wealth of additional information about
  • Colorado Fun Facts about agriculture
  • Marketing livestock
  • What it takes to become Organic Certified
  • Colorado crop calendar
  • Colorado CSU extension offices across the state
  • Reasons to buy local
  • Food Safety tips for shopping at Farmers Markets
  • Tips for picking Colorado produce
  • County Fair Schedule

If your summer travel plans include a trip through Colorado across the state, you will find lots of outings that you can be ‘Colorado Proud’ to go to.  The directory has dates for all the food and agricultural festivals, Colorado farmer’s markets, and county fairs.  Step off the tourist trail and look for these events on your trek.

The directory is FREE!!  Creek Side has a limited supply of the directory. Stop by during our regular business hours to pick one up (one directory per customer please).