Creek Side Early Spring 2021

So much going on around Creek Side at this time of the year – check it out.

Easter is this Sunday!  We have last minute hostess gifts or great fillers for an Easter basket.  Easter inspired cocktail napkins, foaming hand soaps for you guest bath, egg shaped candles, table runners and fun decorative bunnies for you Easter table.  Hop on in!!!

Gorgeous wood cutting board have arrived accented with a stunning blue epoxy accent.  Perfect for a cheese sampler board or a great way to set up a Mimosa bar for your Easter brunch.

‘Cool Wave’ pansy baskets would be a great pop of color to your outdoor living space. Pansies are cold tolerant and hardy.  Limited availability.

Perennials are showing color and ready to plant.  Creek Side is bringing out a great selection of Grown Fresh perennials for your early planting season.  4 varieties of Columbines, purple Rockcress and Basket of Gold (just to name a few) are all great spring bloomers and here for you.  We slowly turn down the temperature in the greenhouse so the plants re conditioned for the cold temperatures in April.  Anytime during the next several weeks is prime perennial planting time.

Cool crop vegetables are ready to plant.  Kale, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and lettuce.  Want to start your own from seeds?  A large selection of seeds is here as well.

Nothing makes a garden space even more exciting than a decorative cast concrete fountain, garden bench, bird bath or statuary.  The Creek Side selection of these items includes lots of earthy natural tones.

The annual flower planting of Container Gardens and Hanging Baskets continues in the greenhouse.  Most of the regular sizes and combos have been planted.  So now we begin planting second batches of the most popular sizes and combos to help ensure that everybody has an opportunity to take home a container or baskets of Creek Side Grown Fresh Annual Flowers