Creek Side Gardens Fall Garden Tips

Fall is for Planting!
  • Perfect time to plant trees, shrubs, perennials, vegetables.
  • Soil is warm until early November to help grow new roots.
  • Get a head start for next season.
  • Take advantage of sale prices from suppliers.
  • Find the right plant for the right location – sun or shade, tall or short, early-mid-late season etc.
  • Plant fall bulbs – tulips, daffodils, hycacinths, crocus
Plant trees and shrubs.
  • Add beauty, shade and increase the value of your property.
  • Established woody ornamentals require less water and are easy to care for in the fall.
  • Dig hole, amend soil with compost, rough up root ball, plant at same depth.
  • Keep new plants well watered initially, and then allow drying out to encourage new roots.
Plant perennials.
  • Perennial gardening offers low maintenance and beauty once established.
  • Most perennials are seasonal bloomers – early, mid or late season bloom.
  • Challenge and fun is to design a palette of color throughout the season.
  • Visit the garden center seasonally to see what is available for color.
  • Dig hole, amend soil with compost, rough up root ball, plant at same depth.
  • Keep new plants well watered initially, and then allow drying out to encourage new roots.
  • Divide perennials such as iris, peony, oriental poppy, daylily
Plant fall flowering annuals for the greatest color impact.
  • Plant pansies, mums & Black-eyed Susan’s in ground beds or containers.
  • Some will over-winter if cared for throughout winter.
  • Lots of colors and sizes available.
  • Consider the Creek Side Fall Porch Kit for decorating – straw bale, corn stalks, mum, and pumpkin!
  • Plant cool season seeds like lettuce, spinach, kale, radishes, carrots, wildflowers, cover crops
Lawn maintenance
  • Lawn grasses love the cool fall temps.
  • Fertilize now and again in early October.
  • Over-seed thin areas with general purpose grass seed to fill in. Keep seed moist to germinate.
  • Mow tall to conserve water.
Tree & shrub maintenance
  • Stop pruning now as this encourages new growth which will be tender this winter.
  • Or may cut off next year’s flower buds depending upon variety.
  • Deep root water established trees & shrubs on a warm day now.
  • Discontinue fertilizer.
  • Use tree wrap on trunks of trees less than 3 years old prevent sun-scald.
  • Resume tree and shrub pruning after early Nov. – early Mar.
  • Winter water once a month, especially new plants.
Perennial maintenance
  • Remove weeds from beds
  • Fertilize once more then discontinue.
  • Dead-head old flower stems.
  • After first frost, lift tender perennials for winter storage – dahlias, gladiolus, tuberous begonias, canna
  • After frost, cut back perennials with crown to 3” above ground, to 1” if no crown.
  • Mulch perennials & roses after the first hard frost.
  • Cut back grasses in spring to enjoy winter interest.
  • Winter water once a month, especially new plants.
Annual and vegetable bed maintenance
  • Till or spade the soil leaving chunky clods to hold more snow & retain water.
  • Home-made compost can be added to the soil at this time of the year – empty compost bins.
  • Prepare compost bins for leaf mulch.
  • Sow a cover crop of legumes to hold soil in place, then till into soil in the spring. i.e. cover crop
  • Clean up annual containers after frost and store.
  • Prune raspberry canes – last years summer fruiting canes to the ground, this years about half way down to ground
  • Bring in houseplants.
Plan to water conservatively for next season
  • Colorado is a high plains desert – 13” annual precipitation
  • Use drip irrigation when possible – soaker hoses & timers
  • Mulch ground beds with 2-3” of shredded bark or compost to hold in moisture
  • Water early in the day
  • Choose xeric plants that naturally need less water.
Have fun and enjoy!
  • Imagine your own personal outdoor oasis.
  • Imagine if your home had the perfect curb-side appeal.
  • Imagine if you had the “just right” plants to create your perfect landscape.
  • Creek Side Gardens is Where Inspiration Grows…