Creek Side Gardens Top 10 Gardening Tips

Plan your Garden
  • Draw and follow a plan for plants, fences and hardscape to avoid having to move them as the garden evolves.
  • Determine the type and style of garden you want, and then develop a 5-year plan to accomplish the makeover.
  • Find the right plant for the right location – sun or shade, tall or short etc.


Minimize maintenance
  • Make it as easy as possible on yourself
  • Create non-lawn spaces that are easier to care for – include plants.
  • These can be growing areas or living areas in the yard that will be beautiful and functional.
  • Mow lawn areas tall.
Plant trees and shrubs
  • Add beauty, shade and increase the value of your property.
  • Established woody ornamentals require less water and are easy to care for.
Perennial gardening offers low maintenance and beauty once established
  • Most perennials have a period of season to bloom. Challenge and fun is to design a palette of color throughout the season.
  • Many different colors and heights available.
Use summer flowering annuals for the greatest color impact
  • Plant in ground beds or containers.
  • Lots of colors and sizes available.
  • Plant your own containers of purchase pre-planted.
Vegetable gardening is fun and easy
  • Only small sunny space required for a few plants.
  • Use containers on a patio or deck
  • Vegetables can be canned or frozen.
Plant at prime-times if possible
  • Less stress on the transplants makes for easier transition and better success rate.
  • April & May for trees, shrubs and perennials
  • May & early June for annuals
Water conservatively
  • Colorado is a high plains desert – 13” annual precipitation
  • Use drip irrigation when possible – soaker hoses & timers
  • Mulch ground beds with 2-3” of shredded bark or compost to hold in moisture
  • Water early in the day
Learn basic pruning techniques to care for your trees and shrubs
  • check on the CSU Extension Website for the best information
Have fun and be sure to take time to enjoy!