Creek Side Grand Re-Opening 2022

If the days are getting longer, you know there is a lot happening at Creek Side Gardens.  We know you think the Creek Side Green Team has spent the winter months lounging around somewhere warm.  But contrary to popular belief, we have been busy tearing the place apart and putting it back together for a fresh start to 2022.  Two greenhouses are already full of fresh spring and summer flowers.  Two additional houses will be filling up beginning next week.

Decor & Gift Shop

Holly and the Green Team have done a little re-decoration in the Indoor Living Gift and Décor Shop in anticipation of another fabulous spring season.  If you are ready for spring, you will receive a dose with a big, beautiful display of seasonal décor and gift selections.

Houseplant Shop

We all know how good our homes feel when decorated with living plants.  Not only do they look nice, but did you know they add humidity and oxygen to the air?  Often, they will also filter toxins from the air, creating a much healthier environment for us to live in.  Lots of new houseplants and succulents on display in the glasshouse.  Houseplant Care Info Here

Classes and Events

Now is the perfect time of the year for spring planning doing something we love, let’s come up with a plan so that we can accomplish our goals smarter, not harder.  Kerry and Holly have assembled a great line up of Saturday Classes for the upcoming spring season, “Get Your Garden Ready”.

Free community classes are held every Saturday morning.  These are the perfect opportunity to learn a little more about whatever interests you.  The setting is very informal with class discussion, great exchange of information and experience with fellow attendees and the perfect situation to ask questions!  See Schedule Here

The event schedule is a work in progress, but the McTeggart Irish Dancers will perform for St Patricks Day at the GREENhouse Wednesday March 16 at 4pm!  And, the Easter Egg Hunt is back!  Saturday April 16 at 10am SHARP!