Creek Side Houseplant Shop 2021

The Creek Side Houseplant is open!  And fully stocked with all the plants and supplies you need to keep your green thumb going.  As the winter weather outside remains cold and freezing, we turn inside to create that tropical look we love in our homes.

We all know how good our homes feel when decorated with living plants.  Not only do they look nice, but did you know they add humidity and oxygen to the air?  Often, they will also filter toxins from the air, creating a much healthier environment for us to live in.  Now offering a big selection of new houseplants and succulents from small, medium and large to low, medium or high light on display in the glasshouse looking for a new home.  All your favorites and a few that you have never seen before.

New Bonsai

Check out the brand new tropical Bonsai.  The best option for growing bonsai indoors is a tropical selection like Ficus nitida or Shefflera arboricola.

Color and Texture

In addition to size and light conditions, consider other factors including color, texture and form. You will know what you like (or don’t like) and identify your favorites when you stop by the greenhouse to browse. Creek Side offers houseplants year-round with favorites and new varieties popping in and out throughout the year.

Low Light

Low light tolerant plants are easy to care for and find a place in every home.  Philodendron, Pothos, Monstera, Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen), Dieffenbachia, Parlor Palm and Spathiphyllum Peace lily are the classics of house plant selection because they hold up so well under adverse conditions.  Some now available in a variety of new colors.

Medium Light

Bright indirect light in your home or office will support a large variety of Houseplants including Shefflera, Palm, Calathea and Dracaena.  Although most succulents prefer high light, because they are so hardy, many will grow just fine in a medium light environment.

High Light

For the adventurous plantsperson with bright light conditions, including direct sunlight and a little more challenging care consider the popular group of trees including Ficus Weeping Fig, Ficus Fiddleleaf Fig, Ficus Rubber Tree, Bird of Paradise and colorful Croton.

New Pottery

Colorful ceramic pots, traditional terracotta pots, ProMix potting soil and houseplant fertilizer is always on hand to help support your houseplant care.  Check with us for re-potting or fertilization care tips.