Creek Side Pottery and Boutique

Pottery and more pottery

Every spring season Creek Side brings in new shipments of outdoor and indoor pottery.  Much of the pottery sold across the United States is produced overseas in countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia and Germany.  The pottery finish varies from bright color glazes to rustic and natural finishes.  The large pottery is perfect for jazzing up a patio or porch entryway.  The container gardens planted and grown at Creek Side are perfect to insert or drop into an outdoor pot – instant color!

Houseplants are all the rage, so Creek Side has added a lot more houseplant size pots to our inventory.  Some have attached saucers which completes the look and functionality too. 3” diameter pots are cute and perfect for a succulent plug to sit on a windowsill or shelf.  The ‘farmer’ pots are rustic, handmade, and available in natural colors.  We are sure to have a pot that suits everyone’s style.

Creek Side Gift Boutique

Nestled in the heart of our gift shop is the quaint area we refer to as ‘the boutique’.  The boutique is home to jewelry, clothing, purses, and accessories just for you or gifts for someone special.  Following are just a few of the lines that you will want to check out when you come in to visit the boutique.

Natural Life – the fun and whimsical line of clothing, bandanas, and tote bags.  “Be Happy” is one of their slogans and all items are bright colors and cheery.

Woodcutts Jewelry – a new line for us!  The earrings are made from wood and filigree.  A complement to our Creek Side Style the earrings are earthy with patterns such as flowers, dragonflies, bees, and others.

Tickled Pink – who does not love a new spring scarf or floppy hat.  Lightweight and pretty patterns sure to make an attractive accessory to your spring outfit.